Cutting Through The Crazy

I haven’t posted in a long time, not that anyone noticed, but I’m posting again because sometimes the meter in my head that measures the insanity of the world hits its maximum and a bell goes off.

This happened today when I heard two radio talk show hosts (not saying who but let’s say their names rhyme with Don and Ben) and what I heard tipped me over the edge. I’d like to clear somethings up about this Kavanaugh report that was completed by the FBI. First, it’s not been made public so anyone claiming to even know what’s in the report is lying. From what I’ve read from other sources, the GOP is not making the report findings public. It is available to senators, but not the public. Now, I know someone could say that some senator told them that the report said this or that, but as far as I am concerned those lying sacks can’t be trusted with a care package much less sensitive information like this. They could tell anyone anything and get away with it and I think it’s been very clear from the outset of this that the GOP will do and say anything to make all this go away.

Secondly, even if there is nothing incriminating in this report, it wouldn’t mean anything because the scope of this investigation was so limited. They didn’t interview Dr. Blasey-Ford. They didn’t interview Kavanaugh. They couldn’t interview any of all the many witnesses who were coming forward who could add more credibility to Dr. Blaey-Fords claims. Essentially, if there was any dirt to find, the FBI was restricted from finding it or reporting it. The investigation was basically pointless because it had no teeth. It was just an empty gesture so that some of the senators who are voting for Kavanaugh can rationalize that they did their due diligence and can vote with a clear conscience. Right.

Third, and maybe this point strays, but hear me out. Let’s forget the report. Let’s forget the fact that three women with similar accounts of the same man should be enough to warrant deeper investigation, let’s just think about Kavanaugh’s behavior at the hearing. He was belligerent, angry and I cannot see that man being impartial, especially after all of this. He’s going to have a lot of axes to grind and if he gets confirmed, he’s going to be able to inflict his petty revenge on his ‘enemies’. He is not impartial and he’s not fit to serve on the highest court in the land. The only reason the GOP is trying to cram him in is because a case is coming up and they know Kavanaugh’s ruling will let everyone who has gotten busted in the Mueller investigation go free, and this will also set the stage for Trump to get off scott free when he gets busted himself, and he will. All his pawns are falling around him so it’s only a matter of time before the king falls too.  They want him in because he’s going to vote for everything they want. He’ll overturn abortion rights, gay rights and I wouldn’t be surprised if they reinstate slavery just for the Hell of it. Some say many of these issues are settled law, but no law is ever really settled. Cases can always be reopened and redecided and Kavanaugh is a clear and present danger to all the progress that’s been made over the last fifty years.

The current GOP leadership is only interested in protecting their own interests and those of their donors. Every generation their self-serving tactics become less and less subtle. This has to stop. They have forgotten that they serve us. They are not our lords and masters.

Kavanaugh will more than likely be confirmed and it will be another bruise on our National face, but I suppose it’s appropriate. This is Trump’s America now. A land of hate and intolerance and ignorance. A nation that disdains science and embraces the illusion of a past that never really existed in the first place. While the world marches forward into the future, we will be burying our heads in the sand and hoping time swings around back to 1955. Good luck to us all.

The Weinstein Effect

Well, my outrage has been triggered once more but Fox ‘News’. I walked by and heard one of their talking heads blathering on about the Weinstein situation in Hollywood. It’s amazing, but somehow they managed to bring back around to Hillary. I think that by the fact that they take every chance they can to tear Hillary down means they still fear her. Maybe she has no actual future as an elected official, but she is definitely an influencer.

My ire is raised because of the sheer duplicity and hypocrisy of this. A scandal in the sphere of the Democratic party by a known benefactor and they devote every minute of airtime on the scandal. However, they remain strangely silent when a scandal of equal or greater proportion strikes the GOP establishment. There are plenty of perves in the Republican party who are indulging in their dark desires and I’m sure a great many insiders know who they are and what they are doing yet remain silent, much like many in Hollywood knew about Weinstein and chose silence. I’m not defending them or the behavior but I say to Fox ‘News’, don’t go throwing stones while you’re still making payments on that glass house of yours. They even threw a dig at Hillary and Bill’s marriage, questioning if Hillary knew about Weinstein’s behavior. They seem to be convinced she did know, so she must have, right? Because they are psychics over there and they know everything. The knocked Hillary since she decided to stay with Bill and as far as I can see, that issue was between Bill and Hillary. If she chose to forgive him, for whatever reason, that’s her business; but if you want to talk about infidelity, let’s take a look at Trump’s failed marriages, shall we?

Those who knew about Weinstein’s behavior and said nothing, shame on them, but I haven’t heard anyone defending their silence on this issue just yet, and even if they were, they had their career to think about as well. You weren’t in their head at the time and you had no idea what the circumstances were. It’s easy to say you’d do it differently or you’d be more moral about it now, but there’s no way to know for sure that is true because you can’t go back in time and become Harvey Weinstein or anyone who may have known about his abuses. The Right is just loving this whole thing and the GOP are many terrible things and one of the worst things about them is they are bad winners. Of course, let’s see how long they keep grinning before a new sex scandal erupts in their camp.

Lies Of the Right….Again!

I admit this post is a little reactionary, but I just got a load of Fox News and their special brand of ‘journalism’. Five minutes and in that time, at least 3 lies counted. This network is unbelievable. It’s like all the high school bullies grew up and became Fox News hosts because that’s what they sound like. They take pot shots, they lie and they make fun of anyone who has a differing opinion.  Any other news channel I see differing opinions are greeted with at least some attempt at intelligent conversation. Fox News just wants to echo their base’s gut reaction to stir them up to anger and push them closer to the edge. Tonight, one of their idiots was praising President Dump for the current 3% GDP, insinuating his orangeness had anything to do with it. In case you weren’t looking Fox, the country’s GDP was ALREADY at 3% before Dump took office. Obama is the one who took us from a negative GDP up to 2% and then concluded his administration at 3%. Since Dump took office, I admit it has gone up. to 3.4% That’s not a big jump. It’s a mild swelling. Once more, Obama’s numbers far outshine Dump’s  (I will not say his name.)

It was claimed that NFL ratings were down since the current anthem controversy, yet that isn’t true either. Their ratings have actually spiked. I see the fans come out to the games. They’re still watching them on TV and the people who are complaining about their stance clearly don’t understand the concept of free speech and peaceful protesting. I also love seeing so many white people becoming outraged when black people take a stand to make a statement about the violence set against their people. I’ve been keeping up with a lot of what’s been going on and anyone with a brain can see what’s going on.  The fact of it is unless you have been part of a group who has been the victim of discrimination you need to shut your damn mouth. Of course you, as a white person, don’t see any problem and you think they’re just whining. Think for a moment first how you would feel about all this if people of your race had been made slaves. How would you feel if your people had been the subject of discrimination for decades? Treated as less than human and only upgraded to being second-class citizens? How would you feel if you were instantly judged every time you walked into a room? How would you feel if people automatically pegged you as a thug or criminal just by looking at you? Racism isn’t some myth. It’s real and it happens. I have seen it from my own family and it disgusts me. I support those who refuse to stand for the anthem because it is their right to do so. It is the spirit of calling out our system when it fails us that makes this such a great country. Instead of attacking the players, maybe look at what got us to the point. The Zimmerman case was the first shot in this nightmare. A young black man shot down like a dog by that racist piece of $h!t and he gets off scott free. A black woman fires a warning shot at her abusive husband, claims the same ‘stand your ground’ law defense and gets 20 years in prison. White officers all over shooting black men and getting nothing more than a slap on the wrist. The victims, however, are dragged through the mud and portrayed as criminals and thugs. In some cases, yes they were breaking the law, but why couldn’t they have been taken alive so they could be dealt with by our judicial system? In case, I recall, he was breaking the law but he was not armed. This is wrong any way you cut it because the fact is if those victims hadn’t been black the stories would have turned out differently. You can say that’s just a theory, and it is, but it’s more than likely the truth. Rich kid kills someone with his car and gets off because he was rich and wasn’t fully aware of what he was doing. Affluenza. White guy rapes women and gets a pass because convicting him would adversely affect his future. If those guys were black or Latino, they wouldn’t have even seen a jail cell because they would have been murdered by officers.  When it’s really happening, they aren’t playing the victim card. They are victims. I’m not saying give them a free pass too but rather I’m saying the treatment under the law should be equal and color-blind. Just because someone doesn’t like someone of another race does not give them the right to kill them. It’s sad that such a sentence has to be said in this day and age, but here we are.  I understand the protests and support them in this. It’s about standing against needless deaths and racist behavior. It’s about demanding the country finally fulfill the promise of a better union and equality among all citizens, regardless of race, creed and color. Those aren’t just words on paper. They’re something we need to put into action, more now than ever. Are there bad apples out there? Yes. Sadly, there are, but we can’t punish everyone for the actions of a few. There are bad white people too. Let’s just forget race and finally see each other as people. Hasn’t this all gone on long enough already? So many wars fought and so many lives lost because of race. I mean, think about that. Because his skin is different from mine, he must die. Is that sane? Is that reasonable? You can believe whatever you want of course, but it’s when your beliefs translate into actual actions against others it must stop. You don’t have the right to infringe on someone else’s life and they have as much right to be heard as you do. No one says you have to agree with them, but they still have the right to speak. In that spirit, I also support those who speak out against the protestors as well. They have the right to make their voices heard too and not supporting them would be hypocritical. I just don’t fully agree with them. See how that works? You can complain and argue, but everyone still gets their say in all this mess. This can be done, but apparently not on Fox News.

Has It Come To This?

It was a scene of horror on Saturday in Charlottesville, VA as factions from pretty much every active hate group in America came to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. You could say they had the right to protest peacefully, but they came armed and ready for a fight. They wanted a fight and they got one. I’m also willing to bet someone from their side threw the first punch.

Normally in a situation like this, the headline is about how these hate groups were greeted with opposition by counter-protestors. If this had happened back in the ’60’s or ’70’s that’s how it would be, but it’s today and our Cheeto in chief decided to shift the conversation so that he wouldn’t offend his precious Alt-Right base. He has made it clear he believes that both sides are to blame for the violence and I guess on some level he would be right. If you just looked at it as two groups of people who fought, then yes. Both are to blame, however, when you add in those pesky details, things aren’t so black and white. It was a group made up of the Ku Klux Klan, Nazis and Alt-Right white nationalists chanting against pretty much everyone of any different race and religion, carrying torches and wielding weapons. One of them even plowed his car into a crowd of counter-protestors and (allegedly) killed one of them, for which he is now on trial. These protestors did not come to join peacefully. They came with the intent to fight.

These protestors did not come to join peacefully. They came with the intent to fight. The counter-protestors were there to make their voices heard and showed no desire for violence. When the fighting broke out, it was not started equally. One side attacked the other and after that, it was an act of self-defense. One reason it got so out of hand, by what I have researched, the police on the scene didn’t seem interested in stopping what was happening.

Now the dust has settled and instead of picking up the pieces and healing, we’re having this ridiculous conversation about blame and who is at fault, like children. The fact is hate groups attacked people and it doesn’t really matter if the other side fought back. In an abusive marriage, when one spouse beats on the other for so long and then one day the abused wife or husband finally pulls out that gun and blows their spouse away, do we consider the abused party as much to blame? No. They did what they had to in order to survive. In WWII, the Allied forces fought the Axis powers. We were fighting to stop Nazis and Fascists from taking over the world and killing millions of innocent people. Do you blame the Allied countries, including the US, for the war? Do we share equal responsibility for the fight? No. If the Nazi party hadn’t been doing what they were doing, there wouldn’t have been a war in the first place. If those protestors hadn’t attacked the counter protestors, there would have been no fight. It may sound childish, but the one who starts the fight carries more responsibility; and when we’re talking about Nazis and the KKK, I don’t see how any thinking, feeling human being can possibly cast blame on those who fought them. To fight them is to be a  hero. Now here comes Trump and his ‘all sides’ comment. Are we really watching our nation’s leader defend Nazis? Has he actually put his party and its followers in a position where they have to rationalize and defend bigots and klansmen? I heard my parents tonight agree with Trump as he called out both sides for Saturday’s violence. It jarred me, to say the least. If you can’t tell the difference between an all out riot and a skirmish between several hate groups and a crowd of counter protestors, I don’t know what more there is to say. Can even a hardcore Republican see past their party and see the difference here? This ‘all sides’ logic is flawed to say the least. Moral obligation in these conflicts makes all the difference. If you truly believe in Trump’s words, then by that extension, every war we’ve fought has been our fault as well. You believe him, you accept that the United States was as wrong in every conflict we’ve fought as our enemies were. By Trump’s logic there is no innocence or guilt; there is no right or wrong and this line thinking explains a lot about his moral bearings. He must live in a world where there is no up or down morally. He exists in a blameless limbo of his own creation. This is a dangerous way for our president to think. I know about hate groups and have seen many in my day. They are the bad guys without exception. They are evil and it’s sad that we’re still fighting against this disease of hate in this day and age. I don’t even care if the counter protestors struck first. They were fighting the good fight. They were striking against a school of thought that needs to leave us. This is one of those no-brainer moments. Nazis and KKK = Bad. Everytime. All the time. Fighting them in any way, shape or form = good.

If you actually want to defend these people, go right ahead, but think long and hard about who you’re defending and what you’re defending. Look at who is sitting at your table. Once you see it clearly, decide honestly if you want to sit there anymore.

New MST3K First Impressions

It has finally arrived! The new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000! I have been a rabid fan of MST3K for years and I worship at the altar of Best Brains. I wasn’t always such a devout fan. Once upon a time, I thought the premise of the show was stupid. I figured it was just watching bad movies but one day I started watching the show when they cut it into two one-hour shows and that was when I began to warm up. Soon after that, I was taping every episode and soon had them all in my library. Today I own 98% of the dvd collections they have released. I love MST3K.

Now, that being said, let’s talk about the new season. I was going into this with an open mind. I saw Jonah Ray riffing at the MST3K Reunion show that was put on by Rifftrax and I was impressed. He seemed like a real good fit for the show. I was also prepared for a big adjustment with the changing of Tom and Crow’s voices.  I watched the first episode with a nervous stomach. Imagine my shock to see Wil Wheaton and Erin Gray. The first episode was rough, most first episodes are. There was much to explain and establish. Jonah Heston is another employee of Gizmonic and he is lured to the dark side of the moon by Kinga Forrester, daughter of Dr. Clayton Forrester, the mad scientist responsible for the experiment. She and her henchman, Max, aka son of TV’s Frank.

First off, the show is still funny and I hesitate to be too critical but there are just some issues I need to express. The look and feel of the show is totally different. The doorway sequence isn’t quite as exciting as the previous ones and the main set (the bridge of the SOL) doesn’t quite hit that same level of charm as the original. It just looks as though less work was put into it. Tom and Crow and Jonah are all very energetic in the theater, a little too much for my taste. Then we meet the bots and heard their new voices.  The problem here is that Tom and Crow sound shockingly similar. Their personalities are tremendously new.  I’m not sure I can pinpoint the issue here. Watching the original shows and the news ones together helps to see the change. Tom Servo is more ‘street’ and doesn’t carry himself as the over-educated,  pseudo-intellectual we came to know and love. I also have a problem with how the bots are used. Eight episodes in and I still can’t see their personalities shine. They both seem to be very indistinct characters at this point, but then Trace and Kevin had been doing this for a long time and the new guys are just getting started. Crow and Tom both had very distinctive and memorable personalities in the original series to the point they felt almost human and the chemistry between them and Mike and Joel was so organic and easy. In this version, they seem to be trying to make that chemistry happen. The bots don’t seem to have that rapport with Jonah.

As for the riffing of the movies, it’s a new style but they do hit a lot of high points in the theater. Jonah sings more than I’ve ever heard on the show, as do the bots, but they mercifully quick. They still seem a bit disconnected with the movie, but again, the original guys had been doing this for years.

Ultimately, I must say while I was hoping for more, I’m still happy with what they accomplished. It’s rough and choppy a bit here and there, but it is growing on me. I’d like to hear an explanation about how Tom and Crow wound up back on the Satellite of Love after the events of the last season on the Sci-Fi channel, but that’s for another day. I take it all with a grain of salt and I’m still entertained and it can only get better from here on out. I will be posting another review once I’ve finished with this season. You have a first impressions review and then a final thoughts review. Welcome to the Netflix age.


White Washed? Seriously?

Ghost In The Shell has come out and as I understand it, there’s a bit of controversy surrounding it. It seems some folks are mad that Scarlett Johansson is playing a role that many say should have gone to an Asian actress. I see. Maybe the film’s casting director couldn’t find an Asian actress that could handle the role as well as Ms. Johansson. She was the best fit for the role from the pool of actors they had to choose from, she just happens to be white.

I see a great amount of irony in all of this. I love how the cultural groups come out en force for this kind of nonsense. I don’t recall anyone raising a word when a white character was cast with a character of a different race. Johnny Storm is black in the Fantastic 4 movie, but not a word is said. A white actor is cast in  place of an Asian actor and all Hell breaks loose. I’m sorry, but if you weren’t upset when it happened the first time, you can’t be upset now.

Race isn’t a deal with me, despite what the last paragraph may suggest. I just believe if a character is created to look a certain way (gender, race, etc) then when that character is portrayed in a film or television series, the actor should retain that appearance. The fact is most writers in the comic book  industry in the sixties were white so they wrote white characters and I just feel the creator’s vision should be respected. If you want to put in a character of a different race, fine, but make sure it works and serves the story. I’ve always seen these ‘against-type-‘ castings as more racist than the people who object to them. The producers are telling us that race DOES matter. If it didn’t matter at all, why change it?

It’s clear that it does matter, but in the eyes of some, it only matters when it’s in a certain way. I object to that.

To Ban Or Not To Ban

I was embroiled in a debate the other night about Trump’s Muslim ban. I took the anti-ban position. My friend was more pro, and he explained his worry, or belief, was that Muslims would come and overtake this country, install Sharia Law and all other horror stories. First, there are already millions of Muslims in this country now and I haven’t heard of any extremist movements, and I am fairly certain that would make the news somewhere. I also doubt it would play out like that because honestly, do you think the Muslims can outpace the Latinos? The Latino population is set to become the majority in the not so distant future, and even still there will still be other races represented as well and I think our system of government is strong enough to deflect any extremist groups, other than Trump himself, clearly.

Now, I’m not a  bleeding heart begging everyone to think about our Muslim brothers and sisters, but I am saying there’s nothing to be gained with this ban. It’s a piece of totally ineffectual legislation. The bad people are going to come no matter what. They’ll just find another way; and let’s just say Trump gets his way and bans all Muslims. Then what? America is safe forever and we all live happily ever after in a mushroom field? Who will be the next threat to the American way of life? Who’s next on Trump’s hit list? When will this ever end? There is a problem here, but the ban is just a poorly applied band aid. This issue needs to be rooted out on a deeper level and singling out one section of the populace isn’t doing the job.

I was called a ‘white apologist’ for this point of view and while I take exception to it, I think maybe we white folks have a lot to apologize for; if you’ll pardon a brief digression at this point. America is a great nation, but it is not perfect and it has its share of blood on its ‘hands’.  Let’s just be honest okay? First, the ancestors of the Anglo Saxon ascendants- the Puritans, came to this land to escape religious  persecution. Let’s not forget this was ‘illegal immigration’. Of course there were no immigration laws back then, but still, if we’re going to be detailed about this,  it was illegal immigration. Once they landed here, they started persecuting. I guess it wasn’t so much that they hated the persecution, but rather they wanted to be doing the persecuting. They fought the natives and took the land by force and intimidation. They slaughtered the natives and expanded their colonies all in the name of their God. Then they sailed to Africa, kidnapped natives from there and brought them here to enslave and treat as cattle. After a bloody war, the Africans were freed, but still seen as sub-human by a good portion of the country. Then for decades after that, they fought for every right they enjoy today. They had to fight just to be seen as human beings, for God’s sake! Repeat this cycle with every other minority group. Remember the internment camps during WWII? Japanese Americans will  never forget. Has singling out one portion of society EVER solved anything? No. It has always caused more problems and for all this, I think we, as Americans owe the world many apologies. To stand upon our history and delude ourselves into believing everything was done for noble reasons is to openly deny the truth. America’s origins was not some altruistic endeavor, but it included a systematic genocide, enslavement of foreign races and flat out discrimination.

You’d think after all these centuries we’d be better. You’d think we would have learned our lessons but there are still people out there who would rather find simple answers and pick one person or group of people to blame for all the ills of the world. Someone to relieve them of the responsibility that the mess they find themselves in now is of their own making. I think the truly American thing to do is to own up and face the truth. Swaddling yourself in lies only breeds ignorance and hostility. I’m not claiming to know the solution myself, but so far as I’ve seen, this ban is only making things worse and since three of the countries not listed on the  ban are where the terrorists are known to be coming from, I really don’t see how the ban as it is now is going to be effective. This was clearly a power move by a president who knows he has no mandate but insists on flexing his power to put his ‘enemies’ in their place. Instead he’s only firing them up to fight harder. I know Hillary wasn’t a lot of people’s first choice, but no matter what you think of her, there is no way we would be in this quagmire  had she won the electoral vote. I can’t say if we’d be worse off or better off. There’s no way to know, but if these  past 3 weeks are a sample of what the next 4 years are going to be like, I think anything else would be a big improvement.