A Couple Things

This post may seem a bit rushed and disjointed, but a couple things dawned on me as I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other night. A little explanation first. I gather a lot of stories through my Facebook feed and while most are run of the mill stories there are a few that stand out. Two in particular this past week. First, I read about a pastor in the south, I don’t know his name and frankly, I don’t feel like finding it and giving him a plug, went on record saying that we could have an AIDS free world by Christmas if we ‘kill all the homos’. This man of the cloth passionately advocates the murder of LGBTQ people because he believes that will cure AIDS. Let that sink in for a moment. Now, when I read this I was naturally outraged and angry. This man is a disgrace to not only his faith, but the human race in general. He is uneducated, hateful and probably gay himself. Let’s get past that because this is the big idea I got. If these people believe in the Bible as they say they do, I’d like someone to explain how they can champion the idea of murdering people when the book they claim to be where all their laws come from actually states, without question, that killing is a sin. Hello! Ten commandments? Thou shalt not kill? I have to believe to laws brought forth by God himself would overrule anything else after it. If God says not to kill, you don’t kill, yet people like this pastor seem to think they get a pass because some other passage of the Bible, written by a mortal man, states that these people in particular must be put to death and the whole thou shalt not kill thing just get set aside. Convenient. I’d love to meet a Christian who believes in the Bible and manages to live with no contradictions. If that exists, please let me know. Just keep in mind, if you believe one group of people should die and others should not, you are a hypocrite and you are not a Christian.
The second thing that’s lit a fire under me is a story about how a group of African-American pastors went out of their way to derail some legislation that would help protect LGBT people from discrimination because they felt gay people have not suffered as they and their ancestors had suffered. First, I doubt these pastors had suffered as their ancestors had either. They had not been slaves themselves. They had never been forced to use special drinking fountains. It was those before them who suffered those injustices and fought and won freedom. They won freedom not only for their children and their children’s children, but for every minority who found themselves marginalized by society. This battle for civil rights isn’t some pissing contest where we have to reach some level of suffering before we get to claim our human dignity. Those great men fought hard and suffered greatly so that this country would become a better place to live for everyone and for these men to come against a group fighting for laws that would ensure they can’t be fired for being who they are is a tremendous insult to everything their heroes had fought and sacrificed for. Yes, the struggle for LGBT people may not have been equally as hard, but that’s thanks to the battles that came before. The civil rights movement has evolved and changed over the decades. The warriors change, but the fight is just the same. No one is seeking special treatment. They are only seeking fair treatment. Equal treatment under the law. After so many years, we should be at a place where this kind of fighting is obsolete. Have we not learned the lesson yet? Black Christians fought against gay marriage, yet not too long ago it was illegal for blacks to marry whites. It was illegal for Latinos to marry non-Latinos. They fought and won the right for their marriages to be recognized legally. Why do you suddenly change course and join those you once fought in order to marginalize a new group seeking the exact same rights you fought so hard for yourself? Because you don’t approve of their lifestyle? Because it goes against your beliefs? Guess what? Their marriage has nothing to do with you! Do you really want a world where your rights are determined by what other people believe? God! Why are people still like this? Are humans just incapable of learning from history now? It would be so much easier if we could just agree to treat each other equally across the board, no exceptions. Your life is your life, my life is mine. Seems so simple. So basic. Yet, there are millions of people out there who just don’t get it and sadly I think they never will. If they haven’t learned by now,


Okay, so I’m in a pretty poor mood tonight, so this post could come off as more venting than anything else.
I’m not going to go into what’s bugging me, but suffice it to say that it’s just a general feeling of frustration over the obstinate inertia of my writing career. Same old, same old.
The particular issue I have right now may seem small but it’s a thorn in my brain nonetheless. I was just on my social media site and I saw a story about a major league umpire that has come out as gay. Great! Good for this guy for having the courage to do this. He’s the first openly gay umpire in major league history. Cool. What’s not cool is I found this story through a news site I subscribe to and my local channel 4 affiliate site. Not from The Advocate or Instinct magazine; and I’m pretty sure I know why. The man who came out isn’t pretty. He looks like a regular, everyday kind of guy. A little older. He’s the kind of guy who you’d find on the cover of a sports and leisure magazine. Of course, over in Instinct, they have a whole article about how Dave Franco shows his bare ass in his upcoming movie. Now that’s news, right? An actual historic event or some young hot guy baring all in a movie. Which do we run with? Hmmmm.
It sickens me because this is why so many narrow minded people think gay men are obsessed with sex. Because if you went by our media, that’s exactly how it looks. Some hot guy flashes some flesh and we tear out the front page and drool over it for years. Cute boys in some new TV show, have to cover every inch of whatever flesh they expose too. It’s like some kind of constant eye, stalking the young and hot and reporting for even the slightest titillation. If we were all teenage boys, I’d get it. Hormones and all, but grow the Hell up, please! Some guy’s ass is not news! Everyone’s got an ass. And how sure are we that it’s his in the movie? Heard of a body double? You could be drooling over the wrong guy. (enter sarcastic gasp here) I mean, it’s the ass that’s the thing right? Not the talent of the actor. It’s what they look like.
There are just some days I’m a little over the gay media. I appreciate a handsome guy just like anyone else, but I put my antennae down once in a while. I’m much more interested in acts of bravery, such as the umpire coming out, over eye candy.
I just have grown weary of feeling like a freak just because I don’t stop the minute I see some bare flesh and I’m getting really tired of a media network that seems to only care about a story so long as a hot guy is attached. There are newsmakers out there that aren’t exactly cover model material. That doesn’t mean you should just sweep them aside. I keep hearing a lot of noise about how everyone is beautiful. How about the media follows through with that? Celebrate people even if you don’t want to sleep with them. I realize men, gay or straight, are hardwired for sex, but it looks as though the breeders have got a hold on it and know when and when not to lose their shit over a pretty face and/or a hot body.
I actually think it’s kind of unhealthy. People focus on these celebrities so much, they actually compare real people to them. They get so fixated on this fantasy, they lose sight of what’s real in their lives. They create this unreachable standard of perfection that no one, not even their celebrity crush, could live up to or satisfy. I think it would be nice if we could start appreciating each other for who we are for real rather than falling in love with these fantasies.