The Power of Words

What is it about words? What about them make things more real for us? I’ve seen people post the results of those Facebook quizzes that will tell them their future and many of the comments indicate that they believe the results more than any thinking person should.

Why? What is it about actually seeing the words that makes them so strong? It’s like reading a sentence that informs you that you will be rich soon, and a part of you actually believes it will happen against all logic. We know if we are good people or not and we hold that, but to see the words printed it seems to make it more real. It may be because it feels like the universe is finally talking to you and letting you know that it’s going to be all right.

Of course this goes the other way and I have to kind of rant over this. I’ve seen posts that make fun of those inspirational posts. I don’t like that because while we all know those ‘feel good’ phrases are just words, the fact is there are people who need those words of encouragement. It’s not the words that are written, but rather the fact that they were chosen. That statement proves to anyone reading it that they aren’t the only ones to feel that way. Someone had come up with the phrase and that someone felt the same way about anything can help someone struggling. It may not be factual or real, but it tells those ¬†how are in pain that they aren’t alone and that there are ¬†people out there who do think of them.