Millennials Suck!

I don’t normally make such broad statements, but based on the behavior I observe and the effect the Millennials have on our culture, I just have to say that they just suck. They suck so hard!

They are the ones who gave us ‘internet celebrities’. You know, those people famous for nothing. The people who spend their time making some idiotic video just to put it on Facebook or Instagram so people can watch it for free. All that work just for views? WTF!

I also dislike this generation because they are the generation of the short cut. The easy way. If they see a way they can get what they want with the least effort possible, they take it every  time and they don’t see the problem. They just don’t. They don’t get that there is a difference between the right way and the easy way. They live on their phones and stay in that little bubble, ignoring the world around them and don’t realize that they are as connected to us as we are to them.

And why is it most Millennial males are such complete douchebags? I mean, they wear their baseball caps backwards (classic trait of the douchebag) act like Frat boys and listening to them talk is like driving a nail through your ear. (bro this, bro that. Don’t bro me if you don’t know me)

Maybe this comes from a place of jealousy. I’m big enough to admit that. I guess at this point in my life I start to wish I had another shot at my twenties. Not that I wasted it, it’s just these kids today live in a way that was unheard of then. I see kids fresh out of high school behind the wheels of BMWs and Mercedes Benzes. They travel and go places without a worry of how to pay for it. A lot of these kids are already deep in their careers by the time they graduate from high school. Companies love to snap  up young talent. Our culture seems to  be obsessed with young talent. The younger they are, the more amazed we all are. I hate those 20 under 20 lists. Those lists create this pressure for us to reach some imaginary goal before we age out, and every year we age out sooner and sooner.

I guess what I hate most about the generation is that it leads us now and I don’t much like where it has been leading us. A world where we don’t connect with each other. A world we see through the screens of our phones. A world where too many people think it’s supposed to be some non-stop party and whatever you can do to get what you want with as little work as possible is okay, no matter who you hurt in the process. Millennials need to realize they have a responsibility. We don’t need them to save the world or the environment. We just need them to grow up and realize that the measure of a person isn’t their bank book or how many followers they have. Some people may never realize their worth in their lifetime and that’s okay. There’s more to life than what is around you. This thing called life extends far past this limited sphere.

I’ve said my peace. All I can say to any Millennials who actually have the concentration to read this is wake up, put the phone down and don’t be a douche.