Cutting Through The Crazy

I haven’t posted in a long time, not that anyone noticed, but I’m posting again because sometimes the meter in my head that measures the insanity of the world hits its maximum and a bell goes off.

This happened today when I heard two radio talk show hosts (not saying who but let’s say their names rhyme with Don and Ben) and what I heard tipped me over the edge. I’d like to clear somethings up about this Kavanaugh report that was completed by the FBI. First, it’s not been made public so anyone claiming to even know what’s in the report is lying. From what I’ve read from other sources, the GOP is not making the report findings public. It is available to senators, but not the public. Now, I know someone could say that some senator told them that the report said this or that, but as far as I am concerned those lying sacks can’t be trusted with a care package much less sensitive information like this. They could tell anyone anything and get away with it and I think it’s been very clear from the outset of this that the GOP will do and say anything to make all this go away.

Secondly, even if there is nothing incriminating in this report, it wouldn’t mean anything because the scope of this investigation was so limited. They didn’t interview Dr. Blasey-Ford. They didn’t interview Kavanaugh. They couldn’t interview any of all the many witnesses who were coming forward who could add more credibility to Dr. Blaey-Fords claims. Essentially, if there was any dirt to find, the FBI was restricted from finding it or reporting it. The investigation was basically pointless because it had no teeth. It was just an empty gesture so that some of the senators who are voting for Kavanaugh can rationalize that they did their due diligence and can vote with a clear conscience. Right.

Third, and maybe this point strays, but hear me out. Let’s forget the report. Let’s forget the fact that three women with similar accounts of the same man should be enough to warrant deeper investigation, let’s just think about Kavanaugh’s behavior at the hearing. He was belligerent, angry and I cannot see that man being impartial, especially after all of this. He’s going to have a lot of axes to grind and if he gets confirmed, he’s going to be able to inflict his petty revenge on his ‘enemies’. He is not impartial and he’s not fit to serve on the highest court in the land. The only reason the GOP is trying to cram him in is because a case is coming up and they know Kavanaugh’s ruling will let everyone who has gotten busted in the Mueller investigation go free, and this will also set the stage for Trump to get off scott free when he gets busted himself, and he will. All his pawns are falling around him so it’s only a matter of time before the king falls too.  They want him in because he’s going to vote for everything they want. He’ll overturn abortion rights, gay rights and I wouldn’t be surprised if they reinstate slavery just for the Hell of it. Some say many of these issues are settled law, but no law is ever really settled. Cases can always be reopened and redecided and Kavanaugh is a clear and present danger to all the progress that’s been made over the last fifty years.

The current GOP leadership is only interested in protecting their own interests and those of their donors. Every generation their self-serving tactics become less and less subtle. This has to stop. They have forgotten that they serve us. They are not our lords and masters.

Kavanaugh will more than likely be confirmed and it will be another bruise on our National face, but I suppose it’s appropriate. This is Trump’s America now. A land of hate and intolerance and ignorance. A nation that disdains science and embraces the illusion of a past that never really existed in the first place. While the world marches forward into the future, we will be burying our heads in the sand and hoping time swings around back to 1955. Good luck to us all.