Church People Must Love Drugs

I won’t bore you with how it came up and I realize how non sequitur this post may seem, but I’ve had  a realization. First, I’m a member of the pro-legalization of Marijuana. I see it as a great way for the government to generate billions in new revenue and the only way to undercut the bad guys and cartels that ramp up the crime rates as they and their ilk cut a path of destruction through our society all for the sake of peddling this now illegal drug. Think about that. So that they can make money, People’s lives are destroyed in so many different ways. Disgusting in my opinion. Tragic when you realize it can be stopped. If Marijuana was legal, it could be taxed, regulated and it would take the power away from the foreign cartels. The millions they make could be ours.

Okay, now that we have that clear, I realize there are many moral implications with this issue and for some it’s not so black and white. Some people think pot is a gateway drug and could lead to increased use. However, that very thing is happening with regular cigarettes and alcohol. Many on the right have historically been opposed to legalization, although ironically I think a great many of them partake despite their objections. One other group opposed to legalization is the cartels themselves. Yes. If pot is legal here, they lose their power and their income. If pot is legal, it becomes a simple commodity that can be traded openly in the marketplace and taxed just like anything else. No more power brokering. No more intimidation. They don’t want that. They want to hold onto their money and power and in order to do that they need to make sure we keep this drug illegal. They do this by funding groups that fight against legalization. They funnel money into conservative groups and religious groups in order to spread lies and misinformation. Classic smear campaigns just as William Randolph Hearst did when he fought against cannabis back when it was poised to threaten his paper empire. You hear that all you good church going folks? The odds are better than good that your ‘right thinking, Christian’ church is unwittingly helping to promote the current drug crisis we have in this country. That’s fact. You are being used by the cartels to fight the evil drug, but in reality you’re helping them make this drug a bigger problem.

Here’s something else to chew on. This has to do with the revelation I spoke of at the beginning of the post. This is an angle I had never thought of before, but it was brought to my attention this evening. It’s also bad for the environment. Do you know that many growers have crops in wild areas and in order to help their plants flourish, they kill other wild flowers and trees? They divert water and they inflict major damage to the local ecology. They also lay out poison bait in order to kill innocent animals that may eat their crops. They pollute and defecate in the immediate area, as they basically live out there and once the crop is done, they cut it up and leave and do you think they bother to clean up? No. Their garbage and poison is still out there.

The illegal drug trade is bad all the way around, but the drug itself isn’t. It’s no worse than alcohol and this is America. Do we not have the right to choose what we take into our bodies? Marijuana isn’t some carcinogenic poison cooked in a lab. It’s an organically grown herb that you can choose to use or not. The cartels have both sides of this argument at each others’ throats and doing so, they have managed to divert attention from themselves while their covert agenda gets pushed through by people who think they are really doing the right thing, but in this case, what seems like the obvious right answer simply isn’t. In this case, the only way to win the game, is to stop playing. Legalize Marijuana. Simple as that. Take the power. If it were legal, it could be grown freely and contained humanely with simple fences to prevent pests from eating the crop and legal and efficient irrigation systems to keep them watered. There are other issues to be worked out, no question, but in this case I think the good that could come outweighs those problems. Fewer people in jail. Less crime. More tax revenue for our cities. More availability for those who made need it for medical purposes, and it’s been proven to be effective for people suffering from Cancer as well as many other ailments. I wouldn’t be upset about this if the drug were illegal for a good reason, but it isn’t. It’s illegal so that criminals can make more money and that’s not right. This is one of those issues where people have to accept that the solution may not be what you want it to be, but despite that you need to think beyond yourself.


I just saw a post on Facebook for a new designer of gay pride and gay oriented clothing. Maybe I’m being over sensitive, but some of the slogans on these shirts are the exact opposite of pride. A shirt that says ‘born to whore’ or ‘sluts are people too’ do not make me feel very proud of my tribe. Why are gay men constantly aligning their identity with loose sex so proudly? Why is it so great to be called a whore or a hooker? Why is it cool for the world to think that you’re a slut? That’s not something I’d be proud of. Sometimes I feel like the big problem with gays gaining acceptance is this kind of mentality. I’m not saying it doesn’t have its place. It’s fun and kitsch and all that, but a lot of people in the world focus on that aspect of the gay community over all others. They are blinded from our charity and humanitarian efforts. They can’t see the human real side of us and instead end up believing in the outrageous caricatures that are rolled out only to sell a few t shirts. Couldn’t we as a group aim a little higher? The marketing within the gay community has always been highly sexualized and maybe in some ways that could be why gay men have trouble finding love. They’re constantly bombarded by overt sexuality and maybe on some level could feel pressured to be promiscuous or think if they aren’t enjoying the ‘gay lifestyle’ they aren’t really living. I can tell you I don’t need a dick in my mouth to live my life. I don’t drink until I black out and I don’t think the worth of a man is established by his abs and pecs. Maybe it’s just I’m maturing a bit more and I can see above the clouds now. If you want to make a point, you won’t make it wearing a silver thong while dancing with a pink feathered boa. Our community is one of diversity and we welcome all. The odd balls along with the norms, but are we really willing to market our darkest side for the sake of a buck? I know some who read this will chalk me up to an aging stick in the mud. If so, fine. I just think there’s a high road that has yet to be explored and I’ve always thought a little taste can go a long way. I’d like to own a gay pride shirt I could wear in the company of my family. This shirt would not have the words ‘whore’ or ‘slut’ on it, insinuate my promiscuity and would not expose more than half of my torso. I guess a shirt like that isn’t as prideful as ‘Born To Whore’ though, right?

New 52 Still Sucks And I Know Why

As many who have been reading my blogs, it is popularly known that I hate the New 52 over at DC Comics. Basically, they took 60 years of continuity and flushed it down the toilet in order to offer up a flashy redo in order to reach a younger demographic. Abandoning quality for flash. I’ve read some of the books since this launch and I’ve tried to get into it, but I just haven’t been able and I think I just realized today exactly why. It’s the lack of respect for the artists that came before.

In the comic book industry, there’s always been a sort of reverence for the past. Characters and other elements would carry the name of a beloved writer or artist as an homage. These would always be little nods that many fans would pick up on. It was usually done because the artists of the time owed their careers and inspiration to the artists of the past who blazed this path in the first place. Today I read a comment on Facebook about a current issue of one of the Batman titles and the story had to do with Harvey ‘Two-Face’ Dent’s past and in true New 52 fashion, they changed it from the original narrative. I haven’t read this book so I don’t know how it has been changed, and that’s not really the point. Someone left a comment that was critical of ‘The Long Halloween’. For those who don’t know, The Long Halloween was a special 12 part story written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Tim Sale. It set a new bench mark due to the scope and quality of the story. It is a classic, but because of the New 52, that story never happened. The new turks at DC took the helm and in their way said ‘thanks for the hard work people, but we’re dumping your story and doing things OUR way from now on’. It’s an insult to the great work that has come before to disregard those efforts so callously. I’m sure in their heads they still respect these artists and their contributions, but by erasing the continuity from the canvas like this, it’s a real back hand. I realize the New 52 doesn’t remove the story in real life. The story exists and is in print, but something feels wrong about the information it revealed being removed from the history of Batman and his characters. This is the kind of lack of respect that plagues the New 52 and that’s why I can’t get into it. Every page, while well drawn, drips with a subliminal disdain. Especially when you consider how many titles have been cancelled and how many characters have been dropped since the launch. It tells me this new universe wasn’t quite as well planned and thought out as they would have you believe, and isn’t  that their job? They need to figure out every detail. They need to know which characters are in the universe and which aren’t. They need to know the relationships that exist between these characters as well, and so far, I don’t see that they do. It’s like a bunch of kids came up with a cool idea and without really thinking it out, went ahead and did it and now we’re stuck with a mess of colossal proportions.

BTW, the latest horror is that the new Joker’s Daughter is getting her own monthly title. Really? I haven’t read any good press about this character and they’re putting her in a monthly? I hate this new incarnation of Joker’s Daughter. The last one had a little sex appeal at least. This one is horrible. She’s dressed like a lesbian and instead of her face being made up, she has the Joker’s rotting face strapped to her head like a mask. I’d say they’re getting their ideas by pulling suggestions out of a hat, but I think that’s giving them way too much credit. They really should have just used the New 52 as a branch universe like Marvel did with their Ultimate line. Do all the crazy crap you want and twist the DC universe however you like, but leave the main universe alone and let it flourish on its own. Let the readers decide which stories they will follow rather than cram this crap down our throats. God I hate the New 52. This is one case where DC could have taken a lesson from Marvel.

Bros. = Brothers

This is just a little irk I’ve discovered in myself lately. I watch video game videos on Youtube because if I can’t have the game, I can at least see how it plays and sounds, and lately I’ve been a little obsessed with Super Mario Bros. U for the Wii U. There are a lot of videos for the Super Mario games and I’ve noticed a couple things. First, the guys who record these videos have great voices. From the sound you’d think they were all super hot, but in some cases I was able to do a little digging and found out I was horribly wrong. The second thing I have noticed, my irk, is that a lot of these guys pronounce it ‘Super Mario Bros’. ‘Bros’? Really? No. ‘Bros.’ is short for ‘brothers’. It’s not Super Mario Douchebag Bros. I just hate when guys say ‘bro’. Especially when they just meet someone. I feel like it’s the first clear sign of being a douche. Don’t ‘Bro’ me if you don’t know me, that’s what I live by, and once I do know them, I refer to  them by their name.

Geek Out

Okay. It’s nerd rant time. First, to those who aren’t in the loop, DC comics rebooted their entire universe and refer to it as the New 52. This new continuity supposedly cancels out the old one, so basically 70+ years of history have been flushed down the toilet so they could repackage their characters in order to appeal to a younger demographic at the cost of quality of story and characters. Most obviously the history of the characters have become horribly muddled and distorted.

I’m not even sure where to begin, but I’ll try to make this as brief and as organized as I can manage. Let’s go. I’d like to use Batman and Superman as prime examples of the horror of the New 52 because its their continuities that are the most fractured. First thing to know is that in the New 52, it’s only been 5 years since the superheroes have showed up. Remember that. 5 years.

In this timeline, Superman is not the celebrated hero we know and love. He is hated and distrusted by the world at large, as are all other superheroes. Superman, who is invulnerable, now wears a suit of armor. My question here is if you’re invulnerable, why do you need armor? The suit has no other quality. It doesn’t have a computer on board to feed information or anything like that. Also, in this timeline, Doomsday never happened. My issue with that is Doomsday was the story that began a chain of events that brought us Steel and Superboy. If Doomsday never happened, how did those two come into being? I’m not sure about Steel, but I understand that Superboy is now some weird underground science project. Kind of like the previous origin, but not exactly and frankly, I think they got it right with the ’93 Superboy because he grew from a spoiled brat clone of Superman into a mature and capable hero in his own right. I also am pissed that the Clark/Lois relationship has been taken away. Now Superman is dating Wonder Woman. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Clark needs to be with Lois. By falling in love with a human, Clark was better able to truly understand the human condition and that made him a better hero. Superman with Wonder Woman makes sense on paper, but it’s like two gods mating and they really have nothing to offer the other because their view of the world is very similar. Lois gave Clark a real perspective of life.

Now Batman. This one is even more confounding to me. First, it’s only been 5 years, yet he has all his allies and villains in place. You mean to tell me he went through 3 Robins in just 5 years and Dick Grayson grew from teen boy wonder to Nightwing in just 5 years? And the way Batman interacts with the characters makes it seem like he’s known them and has been dealing with them for a lot longer than just 5 years. Most notably was the Joker. From their interactions, I can only assume all the crimes Joker has committed are still in place, yet somehow he squeezed all that horror into a mere 5 years. And then there’s Bane. Some mentions have made it clear that the Knightfall storyline still happened, yet that seems hard to  believe that Batman could  have amassed such an army of villains in such a short amount to time and have his back broken and recovered so quickly. Also in a current issue of Arkham War, Jim Gordon makes remarks that lead one to believe that the stories Contagion and Cataclysm also happened. That’s a lot to squeeze into just 5 years. And let’s not forget how other characters in the DC Universe were pulled into those stories. Where was Jean Paul Valley aka Azrael? Catwoman? Huntress? All part of the bat family and all integral parts of those stories yet missing or incompatible with New 52 history.

Now DC is doing something called Zero Year which is basically Batman before Year 1, I guess. I haven’t really been very interested in reading this one. It, like everything else in the New 52, makes no sense. They gave Bruce a buzz cut which I find baffling because if this is pre-year 1 batman, what happened to the buzz cut, because clearly he eventually grows it out, according to the first 23 issues of the new Batman title. From what I have gleaned from paging through the issues, it seems like Zero Year is supposed to fill in the blanks of Batman’s history, but are we to believe that he met and engaged with all of his enemies in just one year? When the comic first started back in the 1940’s, it took Batman years to build his rogues gallery, yet they’re trying to cram them all in at once now. I’m just sick of all this backtracking and revising of history. The editors at DC should have figured all these details out before they launched this campaign because while they may not care, the readers do.

They don’t know if Clark Kent’s parents are alive or dead, as they have not yet been seen in any story. The time doesn’t make sense. In a recent issue of Batman/Superman they were talking as though they had been working together for decades, yet they’ve only known each other for 5 years. Also, Superman is now a bratty, whiny fool instead of the proud, strong and stalwart hero he was intended to be. He’s immature and throws little temper tantrums. In that same issue of Batman/Superman, Batman informs Superman he doesn’t need any help when he clearly does. The Superman I know would just go ahead and help, but this one scrunches up his nose and flies off being mad and thinking, ‘If he doesn’t want my help, fine.’ What? That’s not a Superman response. The point of a hero is to do what must be done despite nay sayers or anything else. The point of a hero is to do what is right. Plain and simple. Superman would never leave a friend in need, whether he was told to do so or not.

I also think the omission of the Justice Society of America is a real sucker punch. Those characters came from the golden age and were around during WWII. They had a real cultural importance. They also showed that even though they were older, they were still formidable heroes. DC’s answer to this was to create an Earth 2 and they brought back the JSA, but as younger and edgier. I always thought the reason comic book characters were older was because back then, the kids would regard an older authority figure with respect and would take the lessons of selflessness and doing right to heart. By making the heroes their peers, the kids are less likely to pick up on these traits.

I know the fan boys are eating this New 52 up like pigs at the trough, and the talent over there is bright and a lot of it looks really good, but I miss my old DC universe. I miss Superman sans armor. I liked the characters as they were because they showed their evolution and development over the years of adventures. Let’s hope DC will see the light sooner than later and bring back our heroes.

Yay For Hawaii

So now we have one more state in the union that allows gay marriage. It’s a slow crawl, but at least we’re crawling forward. Now, as much as I’d love to make this post all about the fantastic news, but I just can’t make that work. Despite the glowing news of today, there’s always  a little rain cloud on the radar and in this case, according to the article I read, that rain cloud is named Sam Slom. In the article I read, he was noted to state that he feels that states need to stop legislating marriage. Really, Senator? Really? Is that what you think? Is that what your party thinks? (Btw, he’s a Repub. Shock.) If that were the case, then this whole gay marriage debate would be done by now. If that were true we would have one federal law allowing marriage equality across the board, because, dear senator, by voting against the bill, which you did, you WERE trying to legislate marriage. The bill on the floor was opening up marriage to all, while voting against it was announcing support for clamping down and restricting it from a certain group. I realize there are a lot of big words flying around those halls, but that is what is normally considered legislating something. Allowing everyone to marry, regardless of race or sexual orientation, is also a form of legislating, but it expands and includes and makes the whole of society stronger. Also, isn’t legislating a part of your f#($*ing job?

Repubs are a kick. They say one thing and then do the very opposite and still maintain their righteousness, They dance around terms and semantics in efforts to not change their views, but rather to twist the world to fit their visions. They think they’re the smartest dudes in the room, but after the dust settles and the facts are in, there’s very little intelligence in what they say or do. I could list some choice moments in this realm, but I don’t want this post to be too long. Let’s just leave it at ‘legitimate rape’.

I know Dems aren’t innocent, but by my counts, they admit their mistakes and faults a lot sooner than Repubs. I mean, we’re still hearing birther crap from the right. In fact, most of their arguments for everything are pretty much the same as they were 30 years ago. Gay marriage will bring God’s wrath. Feminism will lead to the destruction of the American family. I’ll tell you what the real problem with the GOP is. They are made mostly of white, straight men and that is the one group in this country that has never had to fight for any of their rights. They had the vote. They had the property. They never had to rally for their civil rights. They don’t know what that fight is. They don’t know the value of those rights because they’ve always had them. In fact most of the time when I hear Repubs talking politics, their arguments sound as though they are coming from someone who has never been on the other side of the oppression. There are some Repubs within minority groups who do know tho, which is why it’s baffling to me that they are Repubs. How can you support a party that would just as soon throw you to the wolves? The only time they love the blacks and latinos is when it’s an election year.

Okay. Whew. Quite the rant again. Sorry. I just get fired up. Congratulations Hawaii. Welcome to the family and good luck with the forth coming legal challenges to your new law, because  there will be many but at this point, with over 15 states with gay marriage, I can’t see them doing any damage. Let the bitches throw their tantrum. Once they get beaten, they’ll crawl back under their rocks and vanish in time.

New Review!!!!!

The new review. Maybe this my entice some. NOTE: I did not write this review. It was posted by a new reader, and FYI, I got a new good review for the sequel. Just sayin’. So if you’re a fan of ‘Supernatural’ or ‘True Blood’, maybe this would be of interest to you. Book 4 is coming soon btw.

Demon Hunters: ASIN: B006LBQXKS

‘The hero is a bit of a slacker, but is a decent guy with a horrible upbringing filled with loss. He is also possessed by a demon. Well, he is partially possessed in the sense that he controls the demon and enjoys the benefits of strength and healing. His ancestors were cursed, and it takes Ivar, a mystic and researcher, to track down Jake Corba and fill him in on a little family history. Jake must face the past and deal with the present, thus an adventure begins. There are demons, angels, zombies, fae, and other creatures in this book. Oh yea, Heaven is misplaced for a spell, too. There are a couple jump points in the book, but the story all makes sense. Ivar is absent from the book for a bit (no cliffhanger or spoiler on this) and that part of the story was interesting as well. The book is pretty clean for you discerning types out there.’

Check the book out here :


The Thundermans

All right, right off the top, I need to own my shame on this one. I admit it. I am acquainted with the current landscape of tween/teen entertainment offered by The Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. I am an unapologetic SpongeBob fan, but that’s not what is at issue today. Recently a new show has premiered on Nick called The Thundermans. It’s yet another pathetically idiotic kid-com about a family of superheroes. I just  happened to catch the premiere and after a week of procrastinating, I’m ready to talk about it. The show in concept is interesting. It’s kind of a riff off of Wizards Of Waverly Place with superheroes replacing wizards. As far as execution, things start heading down. The acting is sub standard, which is par for the course with these shows and the writing is even worse. There are canned laughs, but unfortunately there are no jokes. When did random, non-sequitor statements replace jokes? The two teen leads have a semi-believable chemistry as sister and brother while the younger kids are of course overly sarcastic and are clearly meant to be the show pieces in every scene they’re in. The parents are once more two dopes who don’t seem to know what is going on in their kids’ lives and are only there to serve as foils for the children’s schemes.

This is unfortunately  the way most of these shows are these days. I remember once upon a time I actually found a certain charm and enjoyment with shows like these. I actually liked “That’s So Raven” and “Phil Of The Future” was very enjoyable. Ever since ‘iCarly’ all these shows seem to have taken a major downturn. The writing is lazy. The characters are one-dimensional and the actors, both young and not so young, are horrible. The only bright spot in this storm of mediocrity would be “Good Luck Charlie”. The show could have done more with its concept, but despite that, the writing is better than most other shows and the cast does not seem as though they just came from some high school production. Most shows for children these days seem to be taking the low road. They are plagued with simple minded jokes that could only appeal to children younger than five and I’ve noticed that parental figures keep getting pushed to the back. Let’s not forget, these characters are still children and conventional wisdom would dictate that the parents would be, or should be, active in their lives. I remember one show had cast Nancy McKeon as the leads mom, and it was a good fit, but alas, she only had her mother for one episode. I’d like to see a  show with parents, any parents, who are not only present, but are also not idiots who let their kids walk all over them. I’d like to see a show that actually tried to be good. Raise the bar, for Gods sake!

I know. It’s shocking that I would have this strong an opinion of children’s programming, but as I see this generation grow up, I can see that a lot of how they are is influenced by the media, for better or worse. There was a time that these shows tried to set a  better example.


I move through the bustling crowd of strangers and my eyes witness a world I do not seem to be welcome to. I fail to fall into the general assertion of what makes a person worthy. My clothes fit different from them and my physicality runs against theirs. I am a stranger among strangers. I do not care, though, to follow the crowd. I choose not to be slave to what is agreed to be current and stylish. I have chosen my own path. I find my own beauty in this ever changing world, for I can be only who I am, no more, no less. I offer my world to others and it is there for you to accept or deny. If you cannot abide me in your life, I will gladly leave, but are you prepared to make that choice? If you can see beyond what you see and feel beyond what you feel, you will know who and what I truly am and in that revelation, you will know the worth I can bring to your life as well. The indescribable treasures I can offer are many, but only available to those strong enough and open enough to find them.