Worst Case is Best Case

Being stuck at home for work has some benefits but it also has its drawbacks. One big drawback is my near constant exposure to Fox News and other Right Wing media due to those that I live with. It has been eductational in some respects. I see now more clearly that Fox News is carefully curated and arranged to illicit fear and anger in its audience. They use the same footage when they talk about the Portland riots. Every time. They have also been talking about these riots for over a month now, or so it seems, yet I understand they have been mostly peaceful. Fox News portrays it as a 24-hour a day free for all, but that’s not what other news outlest report and whenever they aren’t talking about that, they’re either defending trump or trashing Biden.

This is where my fascination is peaked. They talk about the dangers of a Biden presidency. They tell scary story about Liberal storm troopers who will come in the night and snatch you off the street; although it seems trump is getting us ready for that with his stormtroopers coming in the night and snatching us off the street. They also touch on what a great response trump has had with the coronavirus, rarely mentioning the months he spent ignoring it and even after it hit refusing responsibility; and in the same breath they trash Biden over his response which was nothing but that’s mostly because he’s not the President, yet.

A lot of Conservative pundits are quick to describe the horror of Biden’s administration with little to no evidence but I wonder, could Joe Biden possibly do anything that would make what’s going on now any worse? Could anyone? Historically high unemployment, a pandemic and a crumbling economy. It wasn’t like trump was doing that good a job before all this either. He broke the law. He was impeached. His administration has been a hot bed of scandal and criminal behavior. It’s less a cabinet and more of a mob family. He has proven he doesn’t understand his responsibilities, he doesn’t understand the law and he doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong. He has no experience and these past 3+ years have not taught him anything. He has no plans for his second term. Just some vague concepts that only make sense in the mists of his adeled brain. Biden has proven experience. He understands the job and his role in it. Some say he’s too progressive while others say he is not and I really don’t care because he’s not trump.

The worst that Biden could do will still be a vast improvement over the best of what trump can do. Whatever the worst case scenario you may see with Biden, think about what another term with trum could do. Look at where we are now and ask yourself if you honestly believe trump could actually see us through it. If it were possible for him to accomplish that, why hasn’t he done it yet? A president who refuses to do his job unless he’s rewarded is no president at all. trump is the one who got us into this mess to begin with. He removed Obama’s pandemic task force, which was quite comprehenisve and probably would have spared us thousands of lives. He ignored the warnings of the virus writing it off as a hoax. He’s brought militiary black ops into our cities. He’s undermining the rule of law in this country. He’s even essentially taken control of the Senate because McConnell has been vocal that he will do whatever the president wants and that puts trump in the Executive Branch and the Legistlative Branch, which I would call a gross overreach of authority. There’s no where to go but down from here with trump and fighting over how progressive Biden is or isn’t is irrelevant. We need experieince and intelligence in the White House. We need a president who respects the law and this country. Another term of trump is death for this country.

Oh Goy-A

So a lot of stink has been made by calls for a boycott against Goya due to the President and CEO’s prais of trump at the White House recently. Rober Unanue said we (America, presumably) are lucky to have a ‘president’ like trump calling him a ‘builder’. He has also said the attempted boycott of his products is a suppression of speech. Actually, it is the most American thing that could be done. The concept that this nation’s citizens can openly criticize and disagree with the president and government is a cornerstone to this democracy. We are not forced to blindly pledge allegiance to whomever sits in the Oval Office. We have the ability, nay duty, to question leadership and when that leadership falls short, we have the right to make our displeasure known. If the president of a privately held company says something his customers don’t agree with, they have the right to boycott his products. It’s the only voice they have. He certainly won’t listen to their words. They are speaking with their wallets.

I would like to know, however, what leadership from this adminstration we are so lucky to have. Are we lucky to have a president who openly engages in corruption and deceitful behavior? Are we lucky to have a president who routinely lies? A president who puts pressure on allies for personal favors and one who alienates allies while cozying up to dictators and despots? The kind of president who locks children up in cages and pardons convicted felons? The kind of president who hides away in a bunker when things get tough? A president who works with foreign agents to gain politically? A president who downplays or out and out ignores warnings about a deadly virus and spreads blame around for his own failings and not once takes any responsibilty for his failed policies? A president who puts his own re-election odds above the lives of thousands of innocent Americans, many of whom are children? I could go on. The list of this president’s sins seems to never end. Impeached, rebuked by so many in his party. He was never a builder; never a leader. Not in the private sector and certainly not now. He spreads division, exploits the darkest parts of his base and fans the flames of hatred. All this can be seen in how he acts and what he does and the only way you don’t see it is if you choose not to see it, which so many choose to do it seems.

I get that perhaps Robert Unanue feels that you must respect the office if not the man, but how can you respect this president when he shows no respect for the very office he occupies. He doesn’t understand his powers. He doesn’t do his job. He listens to pundits and crazy conspiracy theorists over experts and educated professionals. He has the expertise of the world’s greatest minds at his fingertips yet he chooses to take his cues from the likes of Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity and they know this; which I think is kind of a violation of a journalist’s ethics to knowingly influence a sitting president. He has had so many chances to prove his leadership but has failed time and time again. He has defended white supremacists and pedophiles. He has taken great pains to keep a ‘hands off’ approach to his presidency. He pushes his duties off onto others and leaves others holding the bag. The buck never seems to stop here with this president. Instead he whines and complains about how unfair he is treated by those critical of him.The first time in our history a president has ever had such complaints. Most presidents just rise above such barbs and get to the job at hand. This one goes golfing. His golfing budget in his first term out-paces his predecessor’s budget over his 2 terms. He still profits personally from his businesses and uses his office to this end. He has turned the presidency into a criminal and corporate enterprise and it should be neither of those things. Government isn’t a business.

And now we are in the midst of the pandemic. Where is this leadership we are so lucky to have now? The president is attacking his own experts because they won’t agree with him and tell everyone how everything is peachy keen and we can re-open now. The fact is this nation has the highest case rates and deaths in the world right now. So many other countries have gotten a handle on COVID-19 and that’s because they took the hard road and did what had to be done and now they have flattened the curve, or gotten closer to it than we ever will. To this day the president still insists on spreading bad information about the disease; whether it’s claiming phony cures or just saying the virus is ‘harmless’. He latches onto anyone who will echo this but rarely does it come from any expert or medical professional. Most recently we have Chuck Woolery, a game show has-been, claiming the pandemic is a huge conspiracy, coordinated by the media and Democratic party, to thwart trump’s re-election. That is insane, just so you know. It’s crazy and you know it is because COVID-19 is a GLOBAL crisis not just here. If it was a conspiracy it is one hell of one that encompasses all the world’s governments, the CDC and countless others all for the sake of one small, petty man. It seems, if you believe him, everyone is after trump. Quite an ego on that one.

The fact is that there is no conspiracy against trump. Logistically it would be impossible for that to be true. When there are so many saying he is wrong and unfit for office, it may be time to consider they may be right. It seems though that trump’s allies are loyal, even when he turns on them. He has turned on and attacked everyone who has ever come to his defense. He attacks Fox News, his propaganda machine, he attacks his cabinet, he attacks his friends, he attacks his followers! How much further can he go? Is there anything he could do that would finally make even his most loyal supporters see him for who he really is?

This is why they want to boycott Goya. This president is not a builder. He is a divider and the Latino community has suffered its share of his incompetence and if a company that claims to support that community praises trump, they have the right to make their outrage known and the best way to do that is with their dollars. Even when the boycott and buy-cott frenzy dies down, this moment will hang over Goya brands for years to come. I wonder if the Right Wing loudmouths who object to the boycott will still be there by Goya’s side 5 or 6 years from now or maybe they’re just going to stick up for them now while the story is hot. The long-term customers may be lost forever however. Just a thought.