A Big Day For GOP

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted and for those who actually like reading these things, my apologies. I’m trying to be better about it, but with so many other writing projects on my plate, it’s hard to find the time, but after the heaping helping of GOP nonsense yesterday, I felt the need to rant.
It was a big day for the Repubs yesterday. Two particular events caught my attention. First, and most reported I’m sure, the lawsuit against Obama was approved. So, let me get this straight. For the past 6 years they have dug in their heels for the one and only purpose of sabotaging our president. At every turn they would filibuster or obstruct and do everything in their power to stop Obama from doing his job, and when he was pushed against a wall and was forced to use his executive power to go around their obstructions, they would whine and call foul. When he was doing their job they’d bitch about him ruining the country and when they tied his hands from doing anything, they’d bitch about him doing nothing. All the while the country has been circling the drain slowly and all the time and energy that could have been spent fixing things was spent on this not-so-secret war against our first African-American president. Now they have been given the go ahead to spend taxpayer dollars to file a lawsuit against the president because they say he wasn’t enforcing a law that they didn’t want in the first place. So, the business of running this country is going to have to wait even longer because they want to pitch one last tantrum before the end of Obama’s administration. The outrage I feel is difficult to measure. The GOP has spent so much time with this pointless in fighting and finger pointing and now they want to tie up our system with this pointless lawsuit. Why the Hell are these guys ever re-elected. I realize the Dems haven’t always been saints, but come on! The facts are as plain as day. As bad as you may think the Dems may be, at least they have been on the job. They showed up and did what they had promised the people who voted for them. The Repubs have been scheming and plotting against us just to make Obama look bad, but all the while if they had just worked with him, we could have gotten this country back on track, but their hatred was more important to them than doing what was right. I think the good Obama has done so far, and he has done a lot, is a miracle. Sure there are problems. There always will be. I have no idea why everyone though Obama was going to solve every problem. Has any president ever done that? No. And I’m sure some of you out there will make the observation that he’s made some new problems. Maybe he has, but again, what president hasn’t? George W. Bush, anyone?
Secondly, the congress has officially went on the record to say they will not honor the Pope because he sounds too much like Obama. They don’t want to honor the Pope, the first one from America, because he speaks of equality and the evils of corporate greed. Are you serious? They are openly saying they don’t want to pat the Pope on the back because he advocates equal treatment of all people? I mean, this one is almost beyond my scope. I might have an aneurism over this one. It’s almost like they’re standing up and saying ‘Yes! We’re evil and proud of it!’. It just feels like doing this is them actually saying they don’t believe in equality at all. Really showing their true colors. And of course, they are quick to run to the defense of the corporate world, the only entity greedier than them. How dare the Pope speak out and call on the corporate weasels to actually have a moral conscience. We all know they’re greedy monsters who would see the world burn if they could make an extra buck, but they seem to think they hide their evil.
I don’t know what’s going on anymore. It seems like the GOP doesn’t care anymore about winning elections. They are hell bent on doing everything they can to undermine our government all for the purpose of making one man look bad, but in the end it’s them who will be judged harshly by history. I mean, at this point Obama could commit murder and still come out looking better than Boehner. Anyone who votes Republican after all of this has got to be completely brainwashed. See the light! Please!