So trump says that he wouldn’t be president if not for Obama’s tenure as president. This was one of his responses to Michelle Obama’s epic speech at the DNC the other night and I hesitantly admit he is right, in a sick sort of way.

Obama’s election to president seemed to inspire an entire generation and proved that there was no barrier that couldn’t be demolished. It delivered on the promise of this American dream we all have believed in for so long. America’s first African-American President and it was a shining moment for our history. Obama went on to oversee one of the most successful and productive administrations in history. He insured millions of people who never had insurance. He bolstered our image on the global stage, earning the respect of our allies and maintaining America’s leadership role. He saved the nations economy and pulled us out of the Great Recession and planted the seeds of a strong, sustainable economy.

On the flipside of this, his election lit other fires and unfortunately they weren’t good ones. His rise to president inflamed the racial hatred that laid quietly in the cracks of our society. People who still view people of other races as inferior to them were clearly feeling attacked and shifted into panic mode and the GOP was quick to capitalize on this fervor. One of the top-most voices in this racist choir was none other than donald trump. Leading the charge on the birtherism conspiracy and constantly trolling Obama for demands to produce his birth certifcate to prove his citizenship. Even after Obama released this, trump continued his crusade to paint Obama as an illegitamate president. This hate burned in him, and many others, and he took the opportunity. He fostered that hate and his base was forged. He gave a home to the racists and bigots of this country. He welcomed them to his campaign as if it were a welcoming cottage in a desolate wasteland and they followed. They saw him as the answer and in a way they were right. If Obama was the American Dream fulfilled, trump was the American Nightmare given form. Having inherited his fortune from his father, building a real estate empire famously through intimidation and other shady methods, and a long string of failed business endeavors with few successes, he proved that anyone could be president, no matter how inexperienced or uneducated. His administration has been fraught with scandal, incompetence, and illegal activity. He’s turned our government into a criminal enterprise and the current GOP leadership has allowed it. The list of cabinet members who have come to regret their involvement with trump grows with every passing day.

trump could never have reached the Oval Office if not for that hatred and rage that slept in the hearts of so many racist bigots that he nurtured and Obama gave them someone to focus that rage at. So, in a way, trump was right. He’s now saying he’s going to win and even suggested a third term, but in this he will not be right. We cannot allow that to happen. This country will not survive another term of trump. If you think that’s over-the-top, look around at the situation right now. See where we are. Do you really think another 4 years of this is going to end well? Vote for Biden, please. Even if he’s not your first choice he will at least offer some relief from the current chaos we live in now. He has experience and unlike trump has strategies and plans. He’ll give this country time to breathe and four years from now, we can re-evaluate if need be. trump is a death sentence. Plain and simple. VOTE!