This has been on my mind for sometime and I just wanted to get this off my chest. I guess I’ve been inspired by some recent stories about opposition to same sex marriage and little fires erupting over things like Michael Sam’s kiss and other things like that. This may get long, so hunker down.

First, isn’t the best thing about America the fact that we are all free to live our lives as we see fit and that we all have the same (or should have) the same rights as everyone else? The point of that is so that we can carry on with our lives, each and every one of us, even if some aspect of our life is looked upon as offensive by others. Recently, a reporter on a Dallas, TX morning show was offended by Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend, but didn’t have any issues with male strippers being paraded around and carrying her around like Cleopatra. She claimed that she was Christian and followed ‘traditional values’ and that Mr. Sam’s PDA was offensive to her and went too far. I feel there’s a lot of hypocrisy here and I am growing sick of seeing it so much. You don’t like something about my life and maybe I don’t like something about yours, but as this is America, I have every right to be who I am and do what I want. Your approval is not needed, required, or frankly, wanted. I don’t care if anyone else would stamp my life ‘acceptable’. It’s not their life, nor their business.

Many legislators take stands against LGBT issues because they say the Bible should be our governing source. They believe this is a Christian nation. It isn’t. It never was. Mostly because most Christians don’t really know what being a Christian truly means. From what I’ve seen, very few of these faithful folks really understand the teachings of the Christian faith and that is shown most clearly by their actions. My point is these legislators should not be governing based on misguided ‘Christian’ values because their faith is their personal business but the law is their public business and all laws must accommodate everyone. Whether you agree or not with the other guy. These laws were put in place to ensure that everyone could live equally and fairly under the law. It favors no religion or gender or anything else. I think it’s rather clear by the actions of many as of late, that these laws are more important than ever in order to secure the freedom and happiness of millions of people who do not fall into what is perceived to be the mainstream. Those of us who exist on the fringes need protection from the ‘Christian’ bullies who feel that his is their country and we have to fall into line with their beliefs and values, but that just isn’t going to happen. Here’s a little taste for you Bible thumpers out there: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.” Isaiah 55:8.

Jesus got it. Why can’t everyone else? BTW am I the only one who sees the irony over the fact that the Puritans fled England to escape religious persecution, yet once they got here, they inflicted that very persecution upon others once they got here. I guess it wasn’t so much their religion they cared about, they just wanted to be the ones persecuting. Think about it. They come over here in search of freedom, but when they get here, the kill the natives, take their land and create their government and that government goes about marginalizing every single minority in creation. The only people who have always had full freedom have been Christian, straight, white males. Everyone else has had to fight tooth and nail for their rights, and even today the fights continue on. Just saying. Something to think about. The

Comic Book Rant (Again!!!)

As those who have been reading this blog know, DC Comics’ New 52 is a source of persistent frustration for me. As a fan of comic books I have come to really appreciate continuity and history. It always¬†seemed to me that when DC made their big moves, they carefully planned each move so as to keep everything in line with what came before. The New 52 was the end of all that. The guys who came up with the whole concept can’t even keep the sequence straight. What I am referring to is something I saw in a promo sample of the upcoming Superman #32. Perry White is walking through the halls of the Daily Planet with Clark Kent, (So far so good), but then we see some framed headlines on the wall. The one in the middle vexes me most. “Superman dead” it reads. What!? Let’s start at the top. In this New 52 universe, superheroes have only been around for 5 years. That is set by Mr. Geoff Johns in the first issue of Justice League. The superheroes were hidden from sight up until 5 years ago, and after that they came into the spotlight and that’s where the whole thing started. So, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, everyone, may have been around longer, but had not met or made public appearances until 5 years ago. Remember that. It is SOOOOO important to remember that.

Now back to that ‘Superman Dead’ headline. That says that the Death of Superman story did take place. Doomsday came along, trashed half the Eastern seaboard and then killed Superman, which launched us into the Reign of The Supermen story which affected more than just the Superman universe. It led to the destruction of Coast City and an emotional break down for Hal Jordan. It created Superboy, Steel, and the Eradicator as well as Cyborg Superman, who would go on to prove to be one of Supes’ most enduring enemies.

Now, here’s the problem. When Superman died, the whole world mourned him. All the heroes came out to honor him. Now we’re supposed to believe that Superman gained all that love and respect in less than five years? Hard to believe especially since the New 52 issues of Superman showed him in a world where the majority of the human population feared and hated him. When did all of this happen? How does this story fit into continuity, seeing as Superboy and Steel had different origins in the New 52. The whole thing just doesn’t add up. I know it’s stupid to raise hell over this seemingly meaningless issue, but it means something to me. I read those original issues. I walked through those stories and they built Superman in my head with every word. The New 52 tore all that away, and now it seems like the ‘masterminds’ behind it are starting to see the problem themselves and are trying to paint over it, and are doing a rather sloppy job of it. All this catastrophe and chaos just so they could rebrand their characters to appeal to a new demographic, and in the process they have destroyed over 30 years of continuity and stories. Flushed them right down the tube and now they see their error and are trying to reefed us those stories in chopped up, flavorless bites. I personally think this whole thing is temporary, and I pray to god things go back to normal next year, because it seems every time I pick up a New 52 book, I see a new atrocity that flies in the face of logic and story sense. Really surprising considering Geoff Johns struck me as a kind of DC comics history guru. He was putting out successful stories that drew from events and characters from the past. He seemed to care, but now that he’s calling the shots, all that care and concern has flown out the window.

Rules Of The American Douche Bag 3

In out last installment we discussed how the ADB is charitable enough to share the essence of what they are with the rest of the world via spitting, today begins an examination of the vehicular traits of the ADB.

Principle #3

Go ahead and take that extra space.–

We’ve seen it a thousand times. Someone parked over the line in such a way that their car takes up two spaces. Sometimes they are straight in sitting over the middle lines, or they are parked diagonally with the rear end in one space and the front end in the other. Well, of course it makes us angry, but who can blame them? They have to protect those sweet rides. Whether it’s a brand new Mercedes SUV or a beat up pick up truck, that is a grade A piece of machinery and any measures taken to protect it are justified. Just by being owned by an ADB, that car is more valuable than yours, even with your kids inside of it. They are the brave pioneers who discovered this revolutionary method by which to protect their cars from us thoughtless peasants.