The Case Against Fox News

So, four years over and let’s take stock. We’re in the midst of a pandemic. Economies are in jeopardy from coast to coast. A big chunk of the country’s citizens are entrenched in conspiracy theories and living in a world of alternative facts. There’s a long list of people to blame, but I think a good portion of the blame lands on Fox News.

A network claiming to be a reputable news source but instead trades in lies and the advancement of false claims from and administration that is now famous for its fiddling with facts is far more danergous than some would think and the motives for their actions are almost tragic.

We have a significant number of politicians in the GOP who are determined NOT to work with President Biden and I’m willing to wager many of them have been seen on Fox News or watch it with some frequency. Now it’s true that Fox News enjoys the protection of the 1st amendment, but even so, I feel news organizations should be more mindful of the influence the wield. Sadly, I think Fox News is well aware of their clout and that in turn possibly has shaded their coverage. The people working there aren’t journalists. Their shows are exactly news shows. For the most part, the shows and pundits on Fox push opinions, not facts. They seem to select the facts they share as much as the facts they choose to withhold. There are stories that never make the light of day while some stories are repeated over and over until you almost can’t stand the words.

The point here is that the tailored truths of Fox News are becoming toxic in a very real way. People watch this channel and walk away truly believing the misleading information they were given. Some of those people hold positions of power in our government and their belief in what they hear on Fox News influences their choices as policy-makers. What is going to happen when more than half of the GOP on the Senate and in Congress refuse to work with the President? It’s not going to be good for the people and Fox News continues to dig in and propel their narrative, flying in the face of all impartiality.

Sadly, while some at the big F may believe their hype, I theorize that there are many others who simply enjoy the power of their influence. Sean Hannity will no longer be a shadow policy-whisperer to the ex-pres and I am fairly certain he is not happy about that. He had almost presidential power because his words had the opportunity to steer the country and that’s not the job or role of a journalist. They report the news, they don’t make it up as they go.

The lies of Fox News are spreading further than even they thought they would and are beginning to truly hinder not only government, but society as well. More hard Right media outlets are coming out of the woodwork and are cementing a lot of toxic thinking in the country today and that is making it virtually impossible for there ever to be peaceable co-existence in the future. I believe it can happen, but for the country to take a step in that direction, we all must be willing to accept the truth of reality and not slip on our blinders when it’s convenient. Belief is not evidence and just because more than one person says something, it doesn’t mean it’s true. Truth won’t always agree with what you personally want and denying it doesn’t change anything. The truth is a stone, solid and real while lies contort and change to suit whatever you want to believe, or whatever someone else wants you to believe. Be it for power or money, a lie may seem harmless at first, but it grows stronger over time and only when it’s too late do you see how much damage it can really do.

I’m NOT with Stupid

So, trump supporters don’t like being called ‘stupid’. They don’t like being characterized as fools and idiots. Well, anyone who has backed trump for the past 4+ years and is getting stiffed, one way or another, such as Guilliani being denied payment for his legal fees or the senators and congressmen who feel ‘betrayed’ by trump’s totally un-presidential behavior, and are surprised by this then I’m sorry to say that you ARE stupid. How did none of these people see this coming? I mean, it was a clear as day. There was no other way any of this could have gone. If you had been paying attention you’d know this is who trump is. He’s a liar and a con man. There is a long list of past business partners he’s left holding the bag and with massive debt. He has left contractors adrift after they worked so hard for him and when the job was done, he just decided he didn’t want to pay them, and didn’t. What’s happening today is nothing new. It’s just on a larger scale now that he’s in a position of authority on the world stage. A place where someone like him can do so much damage.

The fact of trump is that at some point he will give you a raw deal and walk away. All these idiots who’ve been arrested and charged in the Capitol Riot, or rarther the trump Riot, are probably waiting for word that trump is going to be paying their legal fees as he had promised once. He said at a rally once that anyone arrested for violence in his name would enjoy his assistance with their legal fees. Where is he now? You think he’s coming to their rescue? No. He doesn’t give a fig about those people. They were just pawns to him and they sacrificed themselves on their own accord. trump will NOT be paying the legal fees. His lawyers will NOT be representing these people in court. They are on their own now, facing federal charges. It is also clear that the riot was not a spur of the moment thing. They came prepared. They had zip ties and guns. This was a pre-meditated assault on our government and the punishement for these crimes will be severe, especially since when these creeps go to court, trump won’t be around to help them.

If you don’t like being thought of as stupid because you simply support trump, I got bad news for you. Supporting trump, especially now, pretty much proves that you are indeed stupid. There’s simply no other way to put it.


The past couple days have been interesting to say the least, but through the debris of the political fallout of the attack on our capital, the right-wing media has gone from making sense for a brief second to turning back ot their usual nonsense. The one point they seem to be trying to make now is that there was an uneven reaction to the capital attack and the BLM protests of the past summer, but not in the way you would expect. While the security and police reaction to the BLM protests were strong and brutal, the security on the steps of out capital was barely there. You’d find better security at a Wal-Mart. It’s also especially baffling because the right-wing groups were planning this event out in the open for all to see. This wasn’t a spur of the moment thing. This was pre-meditated and everyone saw it coming; Well, almost everyone.

The right now argues that the BLM protests were more violent and to condemn the pro-trump mob is hypocritical. Where to begin. Let’s start with the fact that the BLM protests were 93% peaceful and the violence didn’t ramp up until right-wing groups confronted the protests. Let’s also not forget the violence of the past summer spiked when trump deployed his stormtroopers into the city.

Another stark difference is that the attack on the capital was called for by a sitting president and his lawyers. trump signaled the Proud Boys at one of the debates. His cryptic tweets about Jan. 6 could easily be seen as a call to action. Rudy Guilliani even called for a ‘trial by combat’ that very day! You cannot tell me that these words were spoken with no intention of egging on their followers. They knew damn well what they were doing and saying.

The BLM protests were more organized and the reason for them was to protest police brutality that has been claiming innocent lives for too long already. Those people had something the pro-trump group did not have: a reason for being there. You can deny police brutality if you like, but I’ve seen enough reports to see the obvious streak of violence against the black community at the hands of various police officials. It persists and it is getting more difficult to get justice for these crimes. I am not black myself, but I am angry about it as well. So many lives cut short for no reason other than hate and the idea that the police can get away with anything simply because they carry a badge and that such authority shall not be questioned; but it shall.

All year the right-wing media has tried to paint the BLM movement as a ‘terrorist’ group but they are just angry people who are tired of being trampled by the system; and that’s funny because that’s exactly how the right-wing media describe the pro-trump cult, but they aren’t angry about crimes committed against their community. They are angry because they didn’t get their way and are acting out like a swarm of spoiled children and I guess that’s fitting considering who they support. The king of spoiled children. The BLM protests were trying to make change and bring us closer to a more fair, equal society but were greeted with hostility because they dared to question the authority that some believe we should just accept. They are fighting a system so entrenched in racism that any move toward improvement is seen as an attack on the foundation of our society which only shows how tainted this ‘society’ really is. The pro-trumpers were just a drunk mob looking to destroy in some unhinged tantrum and they weren’t ‘patriots’. True patriots would never do what they did. Patriots would respect the mechanisms of democracy and accept trump’s loss with grace and dignity. I also don’t recall the BLM protestors occupying the national capital and vandalizing it. I saw pictures of trumpers peeing on the building and they stole from the offices. The security in the building even opened the doors to them. They took selfies with them. I can only imagine the carnage if this exact thing were attempted by BLM.