It’s me again. We just got a lot of promo stuff up on FB and we’re getting a  good response, but we’re still far short of our goals. We need your help to get us there.

Just click on that link and donate something to the cause. Again, I must repeat, we are GIVING back some wonderful perks in exchange for the money. It’s kind of like buying original art. I hate begging like this, but frankly, this is only one of two things that were getting me through this year and if we don’t get our money, the dream dies. I won’t let that happen. If you don’t want to contribute, fine. Pass this link on to someone you know who might want to instead. Share this with anyone you can. I am imploring to you all. You all are my last chance because, shockingly my own friends have been stubbornly silent on this front. I apologize now for my bluntness in this, but I can’t help it. The pressure is on. Days, literally days are left before our campaign is up and we are so far behind, it’s not even funny. The bottom line is we need money and we need it fast. Click and share. Click and share. That’s all I’m asking.

Please and thank you.

Funders Needed NOW!!! pt 2

Okay. Starting to feel the pressure. Our deadline is just days away and we haven’t broken a thousand yet. In case you haven’t checked, I’d like to point out we’re offering a new perk now. A piece of original artwork. It looks really cool too, so if you’re into zombies you have to get onto our Indiegogo campaign and donate.

I really would like to achieve our goal. Not as much for myself but for the crew of people who have been working on this project since this past summer. They have really gotten into this and I know they are as excited about shooting this thing as I am. We’ve already put so much work into it, it would be a shame to fall short after coming so far.

So think about it. For the cost of a DVD, you can actually be part of the movie. You can have actually financed a film and own it. If you donate enough, you could even be IN the movie if you wanted. I implore again, follow the link above or below and check out our project and I hope after you do, you’ll be excited about being a part of it.

Thanks again

Need Funders NOW!!!–11

Hello all

I believe I spoke of this before, but it has come to my attention that my film project is still in dire need of funding and I am here begging (yes, begging) for your support in this. This project is very dear to me and basically was one of only two reasons to live for me right now. The challenge is I need at least fifteen people to donate at least $25 to the project. A link to the campaign is above and below. Now don’t think you’re just giving us this money. We have a large selection of perks to offer in exchange. It will be like buying a film on video, but not just any film. A film you made possible. And if we get this thing shot, I think it could be big. The script is solid (biased opinion, but still) and it contains a twist which I think will have people dropping their jaws. Help me achieve this dream. I realize it’s a lot to ask of people I’ve never met, but when something means this much to you, you’ll do just about anything to make it happen. Please consider this and thank you in advance.–11