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Spent the afternoon fixing my website. Yes. I have one. I’m not so good with the publicity, but on this site you can find all my books and buy them with links to Check it out, like it or leave some feedback. It’s all there.

Have a happy day!

Spotlight: Machine


I realize it’s been a while since I have posted. I guess I just didn’t have much to say lately, or rather it could be the slight bout of depression I’ve been  under lately. (life and stuff, you know?) But I’m back and I’d like to throw the spotlight on my novel “Machine”. Or maybe it’s a novella. It’s pretty short. Anyway, I had the idea for this story years ago. I wanted a story where the main character had no dialogue, but was a key point of the story, obviously as it was the main character. I had the vision of the book cover in my brain, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make that a reality. It was my first stab at ‘hard’ sci-fi and to be honest, I’m a little dubious as to the outcome. I had buried it for years until now and when I went finished it, I went through it over and over trying to find ways to strengthen it and beef it up, but I honestly felt I had expressed the story I had wanted to tell. It just felt kind of undone, but for the life of me, I couldn’t pull out anymore story. Maybe if I had taken some more time I could, but I was satisfied with what I had made. It’s a story about technology gone mad and how our society becomes so dependent upon it, despite the damage to the environment it incurs. However, I don’t go offering easy answers as I feel while technology is a problem, the way we worship it as a god and fail to limit ourselves to only what we need is as much of a problem. I guess it’s also my first stab at a political and philosophical study too. Some may read it and find it simple-minded perhaps, but that’s fine. It’s one of those stories I have that I felt more than thought of. I still think it was a pretty good story. The last part may seem uneven. I got a little caught up in the supporting story, but again, I was feeling my way through it and that’s what I felt. Check it out if you have a chance.


ISBN: 1490488146


Why do I do this? Why the seemingly insane quest for success in my writing? I really don’t know. There are some times I think it’s because I know I’m supposed to be somewhere that I’m not. Many years ago, I won a screenwriting contest. That’s right, I actually won. The problem was I wasn’t notified for about three months after the fact. In fact, I found out by googling the title of my winning script (which in all honesty, wasn’t my best work). I talked to them and I got the screenwriting software that was one part of the prize, but I didn’t get the meeting with the Hollywood insiders, which had been the other.

I hadn’t thought about that incident for a long time until one day I was wondering why I feel so desperate to publish something or produce something. To do something that becomes recognized by the world at large. I began to think about what might have happened if I had gotten that meeting. A chance to finally touch that world and be acknowledged for my talents at long last. Nothing but dreams now. What ifs and might have beens.

It becomes more frustrating these days especially when it seems like the lives of nearly everyone around me seem to be improving and getting better, while mine remains stagnant. One friend gets a raise while another has success with his mail order business. Meanwhile I’m sitting on my ass day after day looking for a job and writing books and scripts no one will ever read. Languishing in this little corner of hell for who knows how long. Now, for the record, I’m not complaining. I’m venting. (Don’t you love how we can complain and call it ‘venting’?)

I just wish I had some other talent. If I were an actor, I could go out and audition. If I were a painter, I could paint. As a photographer I could take pictures and display them online. If I were a singer I could make videos for Youtube. Any other profession, I could go out and do something proactive and make this dream come true. As a writer I spend months, sometimes years, writing something and then I spend even longer trying to get it seen. No one reads anymore so books are almost pointless these days, and everyone and their nephew  is a screenwriter and it seems the older you get, the less people want to read what you have. The world thinks you’re not edgy or smart enough. I just can’t take feeling trapped like this. I have nothing to do but wait until November when my book comes out and then pray that a door is opened. If it comes out at all. I haven’t heard from the publisher in months so I’m going completely on faith that everything is still on track, but I have a very bad feeling I’m in for a nasty surprise four months from now. Praying I’m wrong, but it’s not the first time I’ve been led down the primrose path of accomplishment. I have gotten so close so many times and something always manages to sneak in and queer the deal.

Sorry this post is so down. I’m just feeling the need to unburden this negativity out of my mind. Sometimes it helps to share the pain. If only to find a sympathetic ear at the very least.

Spotlight: ‘Spectrum’

This week I would like to throw the spotlight on a book of mine that actually isn’t available yet. “Spectrum” (which is due out on Nov. 5th. Available for preorder now on

Back when I created the character waaaay back in 1993, I had a dream about my legacy. I noticed that all the comic books that featured Batman had the ‘created by’ credit for Bob Kane and I realized that he would forever be remembered for that. He would be held responsible for the grand dynasty of stories that his characters had inspired. I wanted that. I wanted that kind of recognition and so I set upon creating my own comic book character. I had intended him to be presented in a comic book in the beginning. I had put together a package of sketches and character profiles and sent them to some small press companies. I managed to get one company to get on board with it too, but the contract I had been promised never materialized.

I set Spectrum aside for a couple years until I was living up in McKinleyville and that’s where I wrote my first novel. I handwrote each page in an old notebook in my little cracker box of a room in that small Northern California town. As the years went on, I created more characters and came up with more concepts. Over 300 by last tally and I’m rather excited that I managed to stuff a few of them into the upcoming book.

I’ve always been a comic book geek at heart and Spectrum allows me to delve into that world with wild abandon. I’ve got stories about cosmic adventures and psychotic robots. I’ve even planned out a storyline involving Spectrum’s ‘death’ with, of course, his amazing return. I guess since the very beginning this is what I’ve always wanted. That’s why I’m so jealous of comic book writers. They have the perfect job in my eyes. I’d love to spend my day dreaming up those crazy stories and creating an entire mythology all my own. What I’ve done now is a good start, but there’s more in me and I really hope I’ll get the chance to show the world.


I have to admit that I am, for the first time in a long time, excited about the future. I recently was interviewed for a podcast and that will be put up online sometime next week and after that, I have a publicity thing planned for next weekend which I have been told should elevate my visibility.

I should probably state at this point that I am a writer. I have 9 books currently on, self-published, and my first professionally published book ‘Spectrum’ is slated to be released November 5th. I intended this blog to be about my writing, but I tend to get caught up in political stuff. When something pisses me off, I have to vent about it.

Which is why this post is so refreshing. I’m talking about something that actually makes me happy. It just hit me today. I feel like things are finally beginning to take shape. I don’t know what my success is really going to look like, but that’s what I feel is the most exciting part. I don’t know if one or all of my books will become popular or how popular they may become. I don’t know how far I will be able to take it, but I intend to take it as far as I possibly can. Maybe I’ll be able to acquire an agent and maybe they can open some doors for me.

All I know Is I feel a real change coming over the landscape of my life and I feel it’s not like in the past when I’ve gotten close and then discovered nothing but disappointment. It feels real this time. It feels possible and it feels damn good!