When Freedom Of Speech Fails

I was horrified to read a story today about how a ban on ‘Crushing’ videos had been lifted. I had never heard of these videos, but according to the article, they are videos of women torturing and killing baby animals and people watch these things to satisfy some sick sexual fetish. There was a law on the books that had helped to hinder such videos, as it exempted them from protection under Freedom Of Speech, similarly the way child pornography is not protected, but in a dissenting vote, the Supreme Court ruled to lift the ban, thereby making Crush videos legal again. Justice Roberts was quoted as to say that the law went too far. The Federal government had promised that they would only use this ban in such cases of this kind of extreme profanity, but that didn’t sit well with Justice Roberts. He felt the government (i.e. Obama) couldn’t be trusted to keep that promise, so in order to sidestep that, he and his other cronies proclaimed that Crushing videos were indeed protected.

Champions of freedom of speech have celebrated this decision, but I can’t understand why. I mean, was this something that was worth protecting? Videos of baby animals being tortured and killed holds some deeper meaning that enriches the human condition? No. It’s sick. It’s beyond sick. The people who make these videos are only less sick than the people who watch them; and now thanks to Justice Roberts and our right leaning Supreme Court who clearly saw a chance to stick one to Obama, these videos are now fair game once more. I’m a big fan of freedom of speech, but there are boundaries that are just there. Boundaries that any thinking, reasonable person can see. Videos of innocent animals being killed is not something that needs, nor should be, protected. They’re snuff films. They’re as bad as child porn and unless Roberts is ready to make all that legal, they had better get on the ball and fix this. I mean, how much further down can humanity go? Shouldn’t we try and start doing things that lift up and make ourselves better? It just feels when I see something that is the worst thingĀ a human being could do; something new comes along that takes it all down another rung. Child abductions. Child killers. Abusive parents. Homicidal parents. How much more can we take? How much worse can it get until we start looking at ourselves and realizing we need to start making better choices? When it did it become such a challenge to not be horrible? It’s almost like there are people out there who take these atrocities as challenges and seek to outdo the others by doing something even worse. It’s things like this that make me hope for the end of humanity. We’re not getting better. For a while we had been, but over the last decade or so, whatever progress we’ve made has been lost. Shootings on a near daily basis. People fighting to protect the guns over the victims. Violence spilling out at the seams. I’m telling you, Earth is turning into Pandora and not the James Cameron one. The Borderlands one. Look it up and be afraid.