Big Day For The Supreme Court

It’s a great day for someone today. The Supreme Court not only eliminated campaign contribution limits, but they also have declined challenges to gun control laws. I’m starting to think these guys in the robes are the real problem.¬†They are really trying to stack the deck for their own party. I thought they were supposed to be impartial. BTW, I love this quote:

“With the ruling, we continue to chip away at the long entrenched status quo from the grassroots — a status quo that has kept challengers, better ideas, and new entrants to the political arena mostly locked out,” McCutcheon said in a statement. “Ensuring that citizens are able to contribute to multiple candidates or causes who share their views only provides further support to a system in which ‘We the People’ hold the ultimate reins of power.”

He’s actually trying to say the rich and privileged are the victims in this. Are you kidding me!? If your party is losing, maybe it’s because their ideas and policies are out of step with the rest of the nation. Maybe you should attend to that first. And once more, the Supreme Court makes a ruling that completely flies in the face of all sense and justice. I mean, they aren’t even trying to be subtle about it. They’re the ones responsible for this Citizens United nonsense in the first place. I really hate that thing. The name makes it sound noble, but all it does is give corporate America a blank check to buy the government and now they’ve opened that up even wider.

Get ready for the future people. A government that’s up for sale and guns for the mentally unstable. Woo hoo!