Is there anything on this Earth so boring and mundane that they won’t make a reality show out of it? The answer seems to be no. Now I see there’s a show about personal shoppers. Really? Is this a world that really needed to be brought to light? Does anyone friggin’ care about these people who are basically over-paid salespeople for rich folks with overstuffed egos who think their time is too precious to waste doing their own shopping.

And this brings me to wonder why do people watch these shows? Why do you sit down and watch this mind numbing crap about vacuous people who live a standard of living you will never truly know? I’m dirt  poor and frankly watching people living in mansions and doing nothing but bitch about their friends all day while they buy top of the line clothes and cars is the last thing I want to see. These morons have all this money and I, with my brain and intelligence, struggle to keep my food bill for the week below twenty bucks so I can afford gas at the end of the week. The only word that comes to mind is ‘injustice’. I think all those real housewives should be dragged out into the street and shot.  For one thing, how are they ‘real’ housewives? I’ve never seen one of them lift a finger to do a household chore. I don’t see them scrubbing the toilet or doing the laundry. They, like most ‘stars’ of reality shows of this nature, are completely out of touch with what life is like for real  people. They live in this bubble that seems to keep reality out, rather than captures it. And in this they become a small scale example of our society as a whole. The uppers don’t have any concept of what life is like for those of us who live down here in the work a day world.

Okay. I’m going to stop myself now because I feel this going into a big sermon on the rich and government and right now I just don’t have the emotional strength. I just want to implore to you all who read this to stop watching these shows. I know some of you may find them entertaining on some voyeuristic level. Maybe you enjoy watching the bitchy behavior and the fights, but don’t get trapped by that! Be smarter. Demand better. In any other part of the world these people would rightfully be homeless, but here they are glorified for their selfish, stupid behavior.