Snowden. Coward.

This will be quick as I don’t have too much to say on this subject. Snowden is a damn coward. Plain and simple. He says he did what he did for noble reasons and that’s great. Kudos, but when you run like a little bitch it doesn’t really seem as noble anymore. A true hero would stand and take his punishment. He would stand proudly in shackles as he suffered for his principles. Instead this little douche sprints like a jack rabbit and goes begging for everyone to hide him.

Of course now we all can see where the loyalties of our allies are placed as they consent to hide this criminal and wag their fingers at us for hunting him down. He broke the law. Whether you agree with said law or not, it was broken and must be answered for. I’m also sick of everyone sticking Obama with the blame over this. If you all had a problem with the government spying on you, you should have said something back when Bush inflicted us with the Patriot Act. You all went along with it then and now you’re paying for it. Don’t like it? Tough! Just like Snowden, we must meet the consequences of our actions and perhaps in the future, we will think more carefully before doing anything so extreme.

And just for the record, I’m a big believer in privacy and the restriction of government in our lives. I don’t think spying on citizens is correct, but the law is what it is. I think it would have made more of a point for Snowden if he had stayed and accepted his punishment. It would have expanded the conversation and might have affected change in the process. Now he’s just a punchline in Jay Leno’s monologue.