Good Bye Porn

It seems the porn industry is setting up to leave Los Angeles for the bright vistas of Las Vegas because of their dispute with a voter approved law requiring male performers to wear condoms. I’ve never quite understood the big deal over this issue. I mean, wear a damn condom! It keeps the person(s) you’re in the scenes with safe and you as well. And considering all the cases of performers coming up positive with HIV in the past couple years, I’d think this wouldn’t have had to become a law. Some would argue the number of cases are so few that it’s not even that big a problem, but talk to the person who now has to live with this disease for the rest of their lives. Ask them if it’s a big problem. Some prominent figures in the porn industry have claimed that regulation already in place is enough. I don’t think that it is. We have just heard of the cases of HIV infection, but we don’t hear about incidents with other STDs and I am certain there are plenty. I have read articles that state that the watchdogs of the industry are not quite as vigilante as they lead us to believe, and this causes a public health hazard.

Let’s also not forget the number of ‘gay-for-pay’ male performers out there. They keep their gay enterprises on the DL and may engage in high risk behavior. They don’t tell anyone and they knowingly go into a situation where they could transmit something they may not know they have to someone else. Many performers also offer private services to interested parties and still more chances for disease to be spread if not detected. It’s called taking responsibility for your actions. All adults have to do it and you are not immune. You don’t like wearing condoms? Well, you know, everyone hates something about their job and considering your job is having sex, I’d say putting on a condom is barely an inconvenience. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The only other argument I can think they’d offer would be the expense of the condoms themselves, but are condoms really that expensive? I mean, you can go to Costco and get a jumbo box of condoms for less than 20 bucks.

People who work with hazardous materials must wear protective clothing on the job. In this case, that protective clothing is a condom. If construction workers, doctors, and others have to do it, why shouldn’t they? What makes them so damn special? The kicker here is I’m sure that this condom law thing is just going to follow the industry where ever it goes. It’s a common concern for many and even in Vegas. They know how to party, but I’m sure they also know how to stay safe so as to ensure many years of partying. If you don’t want to wear a condom in your private life, that’s your business, but if you’re in a professional environment you aren’t playing by your rules. The porn industry has been constantly asserting that it is a professional industry, but when they are called upon to act as such, they pitch a fit and act like children. This is why I have little respect for the industry as a whole, but I don’t want to get into that here. I’d be up until sunrise on that topic.

In the long run, it’s not a big deal. The porn industry is kind of dwindling down anyway with the influence of the internet and this new development could be the nail in the coffin, so to speak, because if they’re going to pull up stakes each time a state forces them to wear condoms, they’re going to run out of states at some point and they can’t really afford to play that game. Foreign markets are moving in and there are other cities in the US with booming porn scenes. I have noticed a lot of product coming out of Florida, which is currently being targeted for this condom law as well. And  with Florida? That is going to happen.