Bad Moms

Bad Moms, a new comedy starring Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Kristin Bell and Christina Applegate, opens this weekend and it is anything but. Mila stars as Amy, a put upon mom who tries her hardest to balance all aspects of her life but falls short. When the pressures get to her, she takes a stand and says ‘no’ to the expectations others have heaped upon her. She meets a couple of fellow moms who, like her, are tired of the judgement and together they set out to flip the script and start enjoying life. This doesn’t set right with the PTA queen bee (Applegate) and when Amy’s daughter gets benched on her soccer team, the gloves come off and the battle for leadership of the PTA is on!

Amy’s journey is one of rediscovery and she soon finds out what she’s been missing during all the years she spent trying to be perfect. The trio of moms are perfectly cast with Hahn as the boisterous one, Bell as the meek one and Kunis who is a perfect balance of the two. The script pulls no punches and treats the humor of motherhood honestly and with great skill. Mila Kunis emerges as a capable leading lady who can hold the film together and go from laugh out loud funny to heartbreakingly real. Christina Applegate is the PTA perfect ┬ámom you love to hate, always accompanied by her two hench-moms.

A solid, balanced script keeps the laughs coming and the three moms have you rooting for them from the first moment you meet them, and the hot dad is definitely to die for. Just saying. Go get you ‘Mom’ on!

Audience: The audience for this show wasn’t too bad. A little chatty here and there but nothing disruptive. I could tell that the majority of the women there were moms themselves, judging by their enthusiastic reactions. The only real distraction was a couple in the row in front of me who seemed more interested in making out than watching the movie. If you don’t have any place to make out with your date, at least get seats in the back of the auditorium. Have that much courtesy please.