Finally! After years of rumors and script rewrites it has arrived. Ghostbusters directed by Paul Feig. I have waited for years for this to become a reality and now that it has I can confidently say, it was worth the wait and then some. We all know the basic story. Three white scientists and a black person fight ghosts in New York. Based on the 1984 classic, this new entry in the franchise honors that legacy. A top notch cast of some of the funniest ladies in the industry today. Spectacular special effects and a great story. I had my doubts when I heard of the new female cast, but when I saw the trailers I warmed to it as I saw where it was headed and tonight after having seen the final product, I am so happy to see that everything came together splendidly. It wasn’t what I was expecting, and that is a very good thing. Perfect? No, there are some chinks in this armor, but as a whole the movie was one of the few films anymore that gave me ‘good film afterglow’. I laughed and I was totally into it. I have loved all of Mr. Feig’s films so far and this one is no exception. I was a bit worried with him having to pull back to do a PG-13 movie, but he did not disappoint. Melissa McCarthy was, as expected, unforgettable. She was able to keep the humor flowing as well as the story. Kristen Wiig also brought her A-game as well. I’ve seen her in comedies and drama and everything in between and she never disappoints. I am more familiar with Kate Mckinnon and Leslie Jones from Saturday Night Live and they definitely deserve the lion’s share of credit for this one as well. Kate was a scene stealer with her crazy eyes and nutball character and Ms. Jones complimented the quartet nicely and brought some hardcore humor to the whole movie. Top that all off with Chris Hemsworth as their receptionist and I’m in heaven. Honestly, isn’t he just wonderful to just look at? He’s also laugh out loud funny to boot. MARRY ME!

The cameos of the cast from the original film were brilliant and did not overshadow the film. It was great to see them all again. I had heard that Bill Murray had said he would have ┬áhad nothing to do with this film if he didn’t like the script, so I can see that by the size of his part, he must have loved what he read. Honestly, he probably has more screen time than any of the other cameos. I can’t sell this movie enough. It was just flat out great! I saw it in IMAX 3-D (recommended) and I may just get out there and see it again before it comes to Blu-Ray, at which point I will buy it and enjoy a double feature.

One word of warning however, don’t go in ready to compare this to the original film. This is its own creature entirely. I found myself drawing parallels early on, but then I stopped myself and was reminded that this isn’t the original film and it’s not trying to be. It is a fresh interpretation and it succeeds on every level. I can’t advise this movie enough. Go see it and be sure to stay through the credits. There is a last bit at the very end you can NOT miss! Not kidding!

Audience: And the movie keeps getting better. Since my friend and I went to a Thursday night screening, there weren’t a lot of folks in the theater and it was a good, quiet crowd, save for the laughing, but I can allow that. Every aspect of this movie going experience was aces. Great night. Have one for yourself.