I just saw¬†a post on Facebook for a new designer of gay pride and gay oriented clothing. Maybe I’m being over sensitive, but some of the slogans on these shirts are the exact opposite of pride. A shirt that says ‘born to whore’ or ‘sluts are people too’ do not make me feel very proud of my tribe. Why are gay men constantly aligning their identity with loose sex so proudly? Why is it so great to be called a whore or a hooker? Why is it cool for the world to think that you’re a slut? That’s not something I’d be proud of. Sometimes I feel like the big problem with gays gaining acceptance is this kind of mentality. I’m not saying it doesn’t have its place. It’s fun and kitsch and all that, but a lot of people in the world focus on that aspect of the gay community over all others. They are blinded from our charity and humanitarian efforts. They can’t see the human real side of us and instead end up believing in the outrageous caricatures that are rolled out only to sell a few t shirts. Couldn’t we as a group aim a little higher? The marketing within the gay community has always been highly sexualized and maybe in some ways that could be why gay men have trouble finding love. They’re constantly bombarded by overt sexuality and maybe on some level could feel pressured to be promiscuous or think if they aren’t enjoying the ‘gay lifestyle’ they aren’t really living. I can tell you I don’t need a dick in my mouth to live my life. I don’t drink until I black out and I don’t think the worth of a man is established by his abs and pecs. Maybe it’s just I’m maturing a bit more and I can see above the clouds now. If you want to make a point, you won’t make it wearing a silver thong while dancing with a pink feathered boa. Our community is one of diversity and we welcome all. The odd balls along with the norms, but are we really willing to market our darkest side for the sake of a buck? I know some who read this will chalk me up to an aging stick in the mud. If so, fine. I just think there’s a high road that has yet to be explored and I’ve always thought a little taste can go a long way. I’d like to own a gay pride shirt I could wear in the company of my family. This shirt would not have the words ‘whore’ or ‘slut’ on it, insinuate my promiscuity¬†and would not expose more than half of my torso. I guess a shirt like that isn’t as prideful as ‘Born To Whore’ though, right?