I’ve been hearing a lot of noise about the recent ‘disrespect’ the President showed for our armed servicemen with his ‘latte-salute’.
It’s fascinating to me. Whatever Obama does is either an attack on something or other or complete affront to our precious American ideals; despite the fact other presidents have done similar acts with little to no notice. In this particular instance, George W. Bush saluted while holding a dog. You’ve all seen the picture and if you haven’t, check it out. I think his salute was way worse than Obama’s. Besides, give the man a break! He’s got the most stressful job in the world during one of the most stressful times in American history. He’s dealing with a Congress constantly fighting him here at home, a suffering economy, people screaming at him for progress on gun control, immigration, and a laundry list of other issues. So he steps off his transport and throws a fast salute to the servicemen. BIG DEAL! Besides, if you want to talk about proper respect, let’s look at how the Repubs and Fox News have been treating our President. From day one they’ve been hounding him for his birth certificate, there have been slurs and racial insults from the right wing media. Many of these continue even to this day. I’ve heard many times that if you don’t respect the man, at least respect the office. Yeah, it hasn’t been perfect, but can anyone name any president who did everything right and made everyone happy? Considering his wins, including stabilizing a nose-diving economy, redemption of the national GDP and reducing the unemployment rate, I’d say he’s done a pretty good job. If the Congress had tried to work WITH him instead of standing in his way every step of the way, one can only imagine the good that could have been done, but they were more obsessed with sabotaging his administration, and then when he used his executive power to sidestep Congress in order to get things done, they cry foul and accuse him of abusing his power. He was only using his powers because they refused to use theirs. It looks to me like the president was the only one up there who cared enough to work for his people while the overfed Senators and Congressmen, with their million dollar+ salaries, pursued their own agendas, and in some cases, those schemes brought this nation to the brink of disaster.
So you want to talk respect? Here’s a lesson: Give and get it. Simple as that. Don’t piss all over someone and then pitch a fit when the guy you’ve been dumping on falls short of your ideals of what respectable behavior entails. Try walking in that person’s shoes for a moment.