H 4 P

So the first Presidential debate is about to begin and tempers are flaring all around. There are just two points I’d like to look at before this happens.

First, I keep hearing people complain about how both candidates are terrible and they aren’t even going to vote because of that. Well, I got news for you. That’s how you end up with two candidates you don’t like. It’s because you didn’t vote this has happened. I don’t understand how two people that are lightning rods for such hate could have managed to lock in the nomination. So few people have anything positive to say about either candidate, for one reason or another, so I wonder in a system where we vote for our candidates, how did they wind up on top? Someone voted for them. A lot of someones. The time for bitching about it is over. You don’t like who  is offered up for president? Next time get off your ass and vote.

Next, why wouldn’t Hillary make a great president? I hear so many people automatically say she wouldn’t right after saying Trump wouldn’t either. I wonder to myself how they make this assertion. What evidence do they have to prove Hillary is not fit for the job? She has legal experience, foreign policy experience, diplomatic experience. She’s an intelligent, hard working legal professional who has built a career of helping people and reaching out to the less advantaged. The Clinton Foundation helps people all around the world. I have read articles, seen testaments and have just researched the Hell  out of Hillary and while I agree she has no specific presidential experience, she has logged plenty of miles in that arena over the years. She has as much as experience as any other presidential candidate ever has before her. There’s no evidence to suggest she couldn’t be a great  president. Do you have any? Or have you based  your opinion of her only on some of the many rumors and lies that have been spread about the Clintons  since Bill left the White House? The honest to God truth is if there had been any illegal activity and any evidence to prove it, Bill and Hillary would be in jail; or at least paying out huge fines but the reality is they broke no laws and that’s that. What’s that? You say they just bought their way out of the trouble? Oh, okay. You can prove this? You have evidence of them paying people off? You don’t. Oh, I see. Well, how can you prove this accusation? You can’t? Oh. Okay. You just know because they have money and that’s how all people with money get out of trouble. You heard someone say they were guilty? Okay. And this informant is trustworthy? They haven’t been paid off by someone else with an agenda? For every powerful person out there, there’s an army of opportunists who are willing to lie their asses off for a decent paycheck. The point is we don’t know who is going to be a good president or who’s going to be a bad one, but to proclaim someone with Hillary’s credentials as a bad president off the bat is ignorant. People thought Obama was going to be bad(some still do) but he, factually, proved everyone wrong. He rebounded the economy, steered us out of the recession Bush got us into. He’s made huge strides in the civil rights arena now that we have legal same sex marriage. In my book that’s good. I want higher taxes for the rich. I want stricter gun laws. I want this country to pull its head out of the muck and accept the fact that God is not in charge of everything. A lot of people are making hay about Clinton’s 64% estate tax, but what many fail to add is that it’s for larger estates. Not everyone is going to be affected by it and those who are are rich enough to afford it. I know no one likes taxes, but the fact is government isn’t a magical beast that just makes money. You want that overblown military? You’re going to have to pay for it.

The final point is that no matter how bad a president you think Hillary will be, she WILL be better than Trump and that’s the important thing with this election. You don’t like Hillary, fine, but tearing her down doesn’t make Trump better. Not voting for Hillary is voting for Trump. It’s one of those difficult moments when you have to swallow that bitter pill, that is if it’s bitter for you. If you’re a reasonable person you will see this simply as voting for the more qualified candidate. Don’t worry, Hillary haters, you can vote her out in 2020 and hopefully by then the Republicans will have found a not-terrible person to run. Good luck with that.

Election 2016

The primaries are over and it’s looking like Hillary is going to get the nomination. That fact was the dinner bell for all the Hillary Haters out there and they are coming out of the woodwork like no one’s business. Very quick to decry her and label her as a liar and corrupt. Even if that were true, would she be the first? Politicians at every level of our government have been lying to our faces for decades upon decades.We lie. They lie. Who the fuck doesn’t lie? Is it wrong? Yes, but that’s how it happens. I wonder why it’s okay for everyone else but for some reason inexcusable for Hillary. Even Trump gets a pass on his mountain of lies. I also see a lot of people making dismal predictions of Hillary’s administration. They see a swollen deficit and a demolished economy. They must be having flashbacks of GWB’s reign of terror. I seem to remember 8 years ago everyone said Obama’s policies were going to bury this country and today we have record job growth, an improving economy, low unemployment and stronger ties with our allies than ever before. The lesson is YOU all were WRONG! What will happen when Hillary becomes president? I can’t say. I wouldn’t dream of making such predictions, but I can say if her tenure as Secretary of State is any indication, she is going to work her ass off for us amid the vicious lies and slanderous rumors that have dogged her since her days as First Lady. Let’s not forget that the Clintons left the White House with a strong economy and an actual SURPLUS of money. I remember those days. The whole country was humming like a fine tuned machine and then came W and everything went to Hell and the Repubs insist on dragging use further down.

You don’t like Hillary? Fine. You  hate her so much you will NOT vote for her in the general election? All right. If you want the Trump-inator to take the seat of power and gut this country and let it collapse like so many of his business failures of recent history, be my guest. What do you think he’s going to do that’s so God damned great? Does he reflect those shiny Christian Republican values with his multiple divorces and his loud,obnoxious demeanor? You think he’s so truthful and honest? Is that what you think? He’s always been destined for the political arena because he is as big a liar as anyone else on Capitol Hill. Wouldn’t it be great if politicians DIDN’T lie? Sure would, but they do and we keep voting the best ones in. That’s a fact we have to live with. The game is to get the liar who will do the best job or at least do the least damage. With Trumps ‘quick to anger’ style, I would not rule out nuclear war within his first year.

Is there a perfect candidate? Is there anyone out there who can win and solve all this country’s problems? No. There’s never been any such candidate ever and there never will be. No one person can be expected to clean up this mess all on their own. We as a people need to sack  up and realize if we’re going to get this place back on track we’re going to have to swallow some bitter medicine. There will be sacrifices. Those big life giving corporations are going to have to start paying their taxes. We’re going to have to act together for the good of all, not just the fortunate few. I can’t say Hillary will be a a great president, but anyone can see that Trump will be a disaster. No experience. Completely incapable of getting over his own ego. Zero experience as a public servant and I’m willing to bet little knowledge of the Constitution. Clinton brings experience, knowledge and from what I’ve seen, incredible dignity and grace and the wisdom to listen to not only her allies,  but her detractors as well. She knows how the machine works and that’s what we need in a leader. I support Hillary and respect Bernie for his work as well. He would have made a fine president as well, but there can only be one candidate. Even if you hate her, I urge you to vote for Hillary if only to spare  us four dark years of President Trump. No matter how bad you think she could be, I’d take her on her worst day over Trump on his best.