Yay For Hawaii

So now we have one more state in the union that allows gay marriage. It’s a slow crawl, but at least we’re crawling forward. Now, as much as I’d love to make this post all about the fantastic news, but I just can’t make that work. Despite the glowing news of today, there’s always¬† a little rain cloud on the radar and in this case, according to the article I read, that rain cloud is named Sam Slom. In the article I read, he was noted to state that he feels that states need to stop legislating marriage. Really, Senator? Really? Is that what you think? Is that what your party thinks? (Btw, he’s a Repub. Shock.) If that were the case, then this whole gay marriage debate would be done by now. If that were true we would have one federal law allowing marriage equality across the board, because, dear senator, by voting against the bill, which you did, you WERE trying to legislate marriage. The bill on the floor was opening up marriage to all, while voting against it was announcing support for clamping down and restricting it from a certain group. I realize there are a lot of big words flying around those halls, but that is what is normally considered legislating something. Allowing everyone to marry, regardless of race or sexual orientation, is also a form of legislating, but it expands and includes and makes the whole of society stronger. Also, isn’t legislating a part of your f#($*ing job?

Repubs are a kick. They say one thing and then do the very opposite and still maintain their righteousness, They dance around terms and semantics in efforts to not change their views, but rather to twist the world to fit their visions. They think they’re the smartest dudes in the room, but after the dust settles and the facts are in, there’s very little intelligence in what they say or do. I could list some choice moments in this realm, but I don’t want this post to be too long. Let’s just leave it at ‘legitimate rape’.

I know Dems aren’t innocent, but by my counts, they admit their mistakes and faults a lot sooner than Repubs. I mean, we’re still hearing birther crap from the right. In fact, most of their arguments for everything are pretty much the same as they were 30 years ago. Gay marriage will bring God’s wrath. Feminism will lead to the destruction of the American family. I’ll tell you what the real problem with the GOP is. They are made mostly of white, straight men and that is the one group in this country that has never had to fight for any of their rights. They had the vote. They had the property. They never had to rally for their civil rights. They don’t know what that fight is. They don’t know the value of those rights because they’ve always had them. In fact most of the time when I hear Repubs talking politics, their arguments sound as though they are coming from someone who has never been on the other side of the oppression. There are some Repubs within minority groups who do know tho, which is why it’s baffling to me that they are Repubs. How can you support a party that would just as soon throw you to the wolves? The only time they love the blacks and latinos is when it’s an election year.

Okay. Whew. Quite the rant again. Sorry. I just get fired up. Congratulations Hawaii. Welcome to the family and good luck with the forth coming legal challenges to your new law, because¬† there will be many but at this point, with over 15 states with gay marriage, I can’t see them doing any damage. Let the bitches throw their tantrum. Once they get beaten, they’ll crawl back under their rocks and vanish in time.