Okay, so, it’s been a week since a major civil rights victory and the GOP and their supporters are still whining about it and I don’t think that it’s going to end. Ever. I was hoping that once marriage equality became the law of the land, it would silence the haters. I was hoping they would set their weapons down and accept defeat. RIGHT! Instead we still have the nutjobs like Huckabee and, well, basically all Republicans, telling us all how God is going to strike us all dead for redefining the  marriage that he established back in Bible days.

Oh my God. Where to start? I’ll try and take this all point by point and I will attempt to be as brief as I can. First, God did NOT create marriage. Marriage is an invention of human beings. It was originally a transaction that exchanged goods form one person to another, the woman being considered property btw. In fact, marriage for the most part was more about money and property than love for a very very long time, so in that case marriage has already been redefined. A lot.

Secondly, This was not a redefinition of marriage. Marriage is still marriage. The only thing different is that two people of mixed or same genders can be joined legally. That’s it. There are no new rules or exceptions. Marriage has been expanded to include more people. Your current marriage is intact and there is no threat to it, at least, not from the outside. If there’s any threat to your marriage it’s coming from you or your spouse. Deal with that first and then come bitch at me.

Third, why are people putting God into this? We are not having a religious debate. We are not talking about churches or faith. This is legal conversation about the legal status of marriage. This move does not affect churches directly. All that is being said is two men or two women can apply and receive a marriage license. That is in issue of law, not religion. You can hold onto your prejudice and hatred all you want, but that is your PERSONAL belief and will not shape the legal process or deny others their due civil rights. If you have a problem with gay marriage, too bad. I have problems with lots of things other people do and believe, but I don’t make a federal case of it because I understand the difference between opinion and fact. We all have to share this land and we all will live our lives differently. What one person does with their life is their business and there is no reason why my personal beliefs should impede their happiness. You are not right. That is what I say to all you Christians out there. It had to be said. I’ll say it again. You are not right. No one is right when it comes to religion. No one religion is right. Just because you believe it doesn’t make it true for anyone else. The only thing that is true whether you believe it or not is science, and science is provable. You can back science up with evidence.

Fourth, the marriage of two people is no one’s business but the two people getting married. You third parties have no dog in this fight. Walk away. Other people do not need to live their lives by your standards. Jack and Brian getting married has zero effect of your life. I saw that some woman put a video of herself crying and railing against marriage equality (God, when you hear those words, how can you fight that?) and I just wonder, why is she getting so worked up over something that she has no business even complaining about? How are you affected, crazy lady? If you think you’re so righteous and on the path to Heaven, then good for you. Go on and get that golden throne. Leave everyone else alone. We’re all dealing with our own journeys. We don’t need you screaming at us. But, in case you or someone you know reads this, re-read that Bible of yours. Particularly the parts that outline how women are nothing more than cattle. The passages that instruct women to submit completely to their husbands. Is that how you’ve lived your life? Are you clear on all of that? Did you do the Christian thing and give yourself body, soul and mind to your husband? Do you place him above  yourself in all things? Are you his slave? That’s what the Bible insists upon you. If you haven’t complied, we’ll be seeing you downstairs.

All I can say is if you’re living your life by the words of men who lived millions of years ago, you have some major issues to work out in your own head. Men wrote the bible. Mortal men with agendas who knew they could manipulate the masses by using their words. The Bible has been translated and changed countless times over the centuries. Who knows how corrupted it was back when most of the people were illiterate and only the elite and clergy could read. They knew what they were doing. They held all the cards. Essentially, whatever they said the people would believe and you think they didn’t take full advantage of that? They say the Pope is the holiest man on Earth? They believe it. They say it’s okay to kill Pagans? They believe it. It was a golden age for ignorance and fear based faith. Eons later, it’s still alive and well. It’s like people don’t want to get smarter. They prefer to be just part of the shivering herd waiting to be told where to go by their faceless leader. I don’t know why I even bother writing things like this. This ignorance will never leave us. People just wrap themselves up in what they believe and should you challenge these core beliefs of theirs, they will fight back at you with everything they’ve got, because in order to admit they were wrong means they have to reevaluate every aspect of their life and they just aren’t ready to walk in that light.

Wow. Kind of ran off the road there for a second. My final point, which is just an observation to pin next to all this. I feel the GOP is going to be chewing on this gay marriage bone because they need  the wedge issue. Now that it’s legal, they just lost a plank in their platform. They lost an issue which they were able to use to stir up fear and hate and score some votes. They are certainly not going to just give it up, although they really have no choice. They lost and there’s nothing they can do about it. They’re just going to have to find something else to hate.

Pride 2015

Hey there

So, I wound up going to LA Pride this year and I did have a good time. It was the first year I actually had the opportunity to drink, and I have to admit, dealing with the crowds and heat, you really need a few in you. All in all, it was a great day with friends and there was a lot of eye candy to enjoy as well.

Now, that I have said all that, I do have some issues. First, Pride itself feels a little off course. To me, It appears to be more of an excuse for hot guys to strut around all day in G-strings and show off their goods. Secondly, it’s turning into a huge corporate event. I remember the days when there were booths and vendors from local businesses for as far as the eye can see. I guess I’m just disappointed in it because so much of the event is about nearly naked men, and that offends me because it’s like they’re saying that’s all gay men care about. I can’t speak for others, but that’s not what I’m all about. Of course I like to see some nice faces and bodies, but there’s more to me than that. You can’t wave a nice ass and some awesome pecs in front of me and keep me satisfied for long. I heard that Channing Tatum and Matt Bomer rode upon a float in the parade and some of my friends were disappointed they missed it. I am not. Big deal. They showed  up to plug their upcoming Magic Mike movie. It wasn’t out of community support or pride. It was about money and pushing your man candy onto the largest grouping of gay men you can find. Again, I find that offensive. The first Magic Mike movie was terrible. Some nice eye candy, but everything else about it was horrible and I can confidently say I will not be seeing the 2nd film, but I digress.

My point is that this event has become more about money than anything else and there was a day it meant more and was more. Now it’s just becoming a giant commercial and of course there’s plenty of liquor to be had to keep the masses off center and susceptible to their suggestions.

Pride? Maybe Not So Much.

Ah, the first weekend of June. You may know what that means. If you don’t, allow me to enlighten you. This weekend kicks off a three day pride celebration in Los Angeles. Three days for the LGBTQ community to come together and celebrate unity and experience the many shades of our community. Well, at least that’s the idea.

I have been a participant of the pride celebration for many  years now, but I’m sitting this one out. I’m not all that proud this year, and if you take a good hard look at the gay community, I don’t think many of them should be either. The intent of the affair was noble, and still is, however the execution today leaves me a bit hollow. For starters, the price to get into the festival. $20? Really? Maybe back in the day it was a good price because it was such a large set up with lots of booths and things to see. Now it’s been slimmed down considerably and many of the small businesses are missing booths, replaced by larger corporate sponsors. And let’s not forget the major corporate sponsors who make it all possible. You’d think for all the money getting raked in, they could cut the price of admission down five or ten bucks. Perhaps the steep price tag is a better way to ensure an affluent audience for all the advertising found within.

And what about that little financial schism? This whole deal is to celebrate our community as a whole, but there are so many private parties and VIP perks that divide and exclude. What kind of message is that? Within our own tribe, there are still barriers and large groups within who feel simply because they have the money, they deserve a better standard than the rest of us. This day should be the equalizer. Where all of our community can stand together as equals.

And of course there is the drinking. It seems there can’t be a gay event without massive amounts of liquor on hand. Like that’s the only way to have fun. So many groups at the event advocate responsible drinking, ending drug abuse and safe sex practices, but so many of the people who come drink too much, experiment with drugs and I’m sure there are more than a few who steal away for a quickie sans condom. That kind of behavior doesn’t fill me with much pride. Why is it so many feel the best way to celebrate pride is to come together, get wasted and act like unchained animals?f

I’m not saying it’s all bad, but based on my observances over these past many years, I have seen a steep decline in the quality of these pride celebrations. It’s been overtaken by greed and profiteering. It’s become more of a reason for people to get drunk and party than to really connect with their community. I feel like the whole thing should be rethought as a gay and lesbian RESPECT celebration. A time for us to show a little respect to each other as well as ourselves. I’d pay to see that.