Equality Evolution

This week the Supreme Court struck a massive blow in favor of equality whether they meant to or not. With one decision, they cleared the path for gay marriage in 5 more states and now the scales have tipped and the majority of American states now allow everyone to marry who they want.
On this subject I have been vocal for the past few years. I don’t honestly think there’s anything that could be said that I haven’t already said. I mean, I’m no closer to getting married myself, but it’s nice to know should the day come, it’s there for me.
I guess in this round of the fight, I’m a bit more entertained by the religious right wing wackos who are still fighting this war despite the fact that they are destined to keep losing. I think the most intriguing thing I’ve found was a thought that actually brought on by a comment on a news article. The author pointed out how mad the right was to be told how to define marriage or, in their view, live their lives. They whined and thumped about how the government was coming in and forcing them to live a manner that was contrary to their deepest beliefs, yet they don’t seem to mind being the ones to tell others how to live their lives or force others to live their lives in manners contrary to their deepest beliefs. I think it was, and always has been, that fundamental hypocrisy that got my blood to boiling every time. The outrage is staggering. First, these so-called Christians who claim to be champions of the Bible and God’s word, act as anything but. True Christianity preaches temperance and love. It urges to love all and accept all. After all, was it not Jesus himself who said ‘Treat others as you would like to be treated’? Paraphrasing of course. It was also he who said ‘Your beliefs are not my believes, nor your ways, my ways’ again paraphrasing. Those two statements tell me that first, God wants us to be good to each other, which means not picketing funerals, not fighting or physically hurting others, and not attempting to take away the rights of others. They also say that even he understood that not everyone is going to think or believe the same thing, but that is no reason to discriminate against anyone.
The big difference in this gay marriage issue is that the LGBT community wants to only expand the institution of marriage for all. The Christian right wants to flatly shut people out from their civil rights. Their side seeks to do harm, while the legalization of gay marriage only impacts the two people getting married. You don’t like it, don’t marry someone of your own gender, easy, but you have no right to say someone can’t marry who they love. It’s not your place.
I think the big problem in this, and so many cases like this, is the simple fact that the people fighting against equality (how do you fight equality? How does that even sound right?) are mostly people who have never had to fight or defend their own rights. Straight, white males have never known this struggle. They stole this land and set up their little system with only themselves in mind. It seems to me since this country’s birth, every non-white, non-male, non-straight person has had to fight tooth and nail for the same rights and privileges that the WSM have taken for granted. They don’t know what it’s like to be marginalized or discriminated for some circumstance of birth. They’ve never been on that side of the fight. In fact, when you think about it, the Puritans came over here to escape religious persecution, yet the second they got here, that’s all they did to everyone else. I guess it wasn’t the persecution they hated as much as they just wanted to be the persecutors. And that tradition continues to this day. I just wonder if they’ll ever learn the lesson. You’d think they would have by now, right? Although I think once the LGBT community has equal rights across the board, there won’t be any more minorities to discriminate against. Whatever will they do when that happens? Maybe by then, the aliens will have landed and they’ll have a whole new race to demonize.