Halloween Story Part 5 of 5

Chapter 5
I found a small door and it opened quietly as I pushed against it. As I walked in, I could hear the thunderous roar of the machinery inside. I saw several large vats lined along the main floor. I heard footsteps so I hid behind a pile of large metal drums nearby. I peered around and I saw that it was a couple of clowns walking along. I crawled along the floor and kept close to the shadows. I soon saw more clowns running around. It looked as though they were actually working there. Some were driving forklifts while others tended to the ingredients. I wasn’t so surprised. They had them out on the streets dressed up in those costumes. Of course they’d have all their factory employees dressed up too.
It looked like the night shift because there weren’t many of them, so when the coast was clear, I bolted toward the other end of the building. I wasn’t sure where Jimmy was, but it had to be somewhere deeper in the building. I found another door in the back that led me to a stairwell to the basement. I carefully went down and the lower I got, I began to hear voices. It sounded like children crying. My heart began to race. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I couldn’t believe my eyes.
It looked like some kind of jail and dungeon in one. A block of large cells was built into the walls and there were shackles and restraints on the floor and hanging from the ceiling. I approached one of the cells and as I got closer, I could make out a strangely shaped figure. I also hear soft sobbing. As my eyes focused, I saw the thing in the cell looked to be a little girl, but she had to have been pushing five hundred pounds. Her body was bloated and stretched beyond human endurance, but she was wearing a pretty little pink gown and her deformed head was framed with a head of lovely, black hair. Her eyes found mine and as she saw me, she seemed to come alive. Her thick arms and legs began to flail and tears streamed down her cheeks.
“I want my mommy!” She whined. As I looked down upon the poor little girl, I realized I recognized her. It was little Janey Watkins. I had been her babysitter the previous year. She was usually such a lovely little girl. I could barely believe what she had become. I reached for the door of her cell, but it was locked tight. She kept crying and begging for help. It was breaking my heart that I couldn’t do anything. When I finally got it in my head to look for the key, I heard footsteps approaching. I ran for cover in a cell that was empty. I watched as three clowns came down from above. They were walking along in a line and the front one seemed to be the leader. The one behind him was holding a large metal funnel and the one behind him was pulling along one of the large metal drums from upstairs. They went on into Janey’s cell and her crying grew stronger.
“Shut up!” The first clown barked. He then slapped the clown with the funnel on his back and he then approached Janey and shoved the funnel into her mouth. The clown with the drum then walked over and all three of them lifted the drum up and poured whatever was inside into the other end of the funnel, forcing Janey to swallow the contents. She gulped down the goop with some resistance at first, but after a few seconds, it sounded like she was eating it of her own accord; as though she had been starving for years.
When the drum was finally empty, the clowns left the cell and tossed the drum to the floor and returned upstairs. Fortunately, they left the cell door open, so I raced over to Janey. She was out like a light and her face was smeared with whatever they had been feeding her. I took a closer look and it looked like ice cream. I then heard more footsteps from above and I bolted back to my hiding place. The clowns returned to Janey’s cell and this time, they hoisted her up and took her to another chamber nearby. I followed from a safe distance. They took her to another, larger, cell. This cell a small, crappy looking bed in it and they put her on it. They then chained her arms and legs keeping her spread eagle on her back. One of the clowns then injected her with something and moments later she began to convulse violently and foam at her mouth. Her large belly began to shake and wiggle and then it began to grow larger. It looked as though something were pushing out from within. Her flesh then split open but instead of blood, all that came out of her was a strange, frail looking figure. It looked somewhat human, but its skin was white as ivory. It fell to the floor and after a few moments, it began to move. It stretched its arms and legs and as it stood, I saw that its face was pigmented like a clown. It took a few struggling steps and then got its footing. The other clowns gathered around the creature and dressed it up in clothes similar to their own. As they were focused on the little clown, I ran and I soon found more cells and they were all occupied by other kids who were in similar states as Janey. Some were larger, some were smaller, but they were all crying out for help. I stopped when I heard a familiar voice. I ran to one of the cells and I saw Jimmy chained to the wall. He looked a little more plump and his eyes were red from crying.
“Jimmy!” He looked up at me and tried to pull free from his restraints. I tried the door to his cell, but it was locked. I was frantic. I looked down and saw a small piece of metal. I grabbed it and stuck it in the lock of the cell door. I didn’t know what I was doing but I had seen something familiar in a movie. I kept digging into the lock and I started to hear something going on inside. Soon, I heard a loud click and the door swung open. I ran to Jimmy and I pulled at the cuffs around his wrists. His arms had gotten very thick but I was pulling as hard as he was. One of his hands finally jerked free and soon the other came as well. We ran out of the cell, but as we turned our path was blocked by a cluster of clowns. Their eyes were angry and I felt a chill run up my spine. I turned and in the cells across from us, I saw the corpses of other children. It looked as though they had been ripped open like Janey had been. I pulled Jimmy behind me as the clowns began to walk toward us. I grabbed Jimmy and we bolted from the clowns as fast as we could. Jimmy was heavy to pull along, but I kept my grip on his hand. We sped around a corner and tumbled into a metal drum. We both fell to the ground and as I got up, I saw inside one of the drums a crumpled, bloodied body. It was Billy. I screamed and jumped up and I then felt something hit the back of my head and everything went black.
I woke up in my room the next morning. I looked around and I had no idea how I got back. I got up and looked out the window and I saw a police car parked out front. I ran downstairs and I found my parents in the living room talking to a police officer.
“Mom? Dad?”
“Up already?” Mom asked.
“What’s going on?”
“The police brought you home last night. They say they found you over on that restricted lot. What were you doing there?” I tried to remember, but I couldn’t. I had no idea where I had been or what I had been doing.
“I don’t know. I don’t remember. Did Billy call the police?”
“No. We haven’t heard from Billy at all. Was he with you?”
“I don’t know. I think so. I can’t remember.”
“It’s bad enough Jimmy is missing. We don’t need you stirring up trouble too. We’ll discuss this later. Just go get some breakfast and get ready for school.”
“Okay.” I then went on to the kitchen and I felt a sharp hunger in my stomach. I went over to the fridge and opened it up and as I looked down, I did remember that all we had to eat was Crazy Cream ice cream. I was about to shut the door, but a craving came over me. I also realized I had never tried the ice cream before. I took one of the half melted cartons and took it to the kitchen table. I opened it up. It looked like regular ice cream. I scooped up a bit with my hand and ate it. It felt like a jolt in my brain as it touched my tongue. I took another scoop. And then another. Soon the carton was empty and I was running to the fridge for another. I polished away three cartons and then went back up to my room. I wanted to go back down for more, but I knew I had to get ready for school. As I dressed, all I could think about was more ice cream. I had eaten three cartons but I was still starving for more. I then went to my bathroom and I looked down and saw some new make up on my counter. It was bright and looked cheap, but I was compelled. I picked up the red and smeared some across my lips. I looked at myself in the mirror and I could only smile.

Thanks for reading and have a happy and safe Halloween!!!