My Etsy shop

Well, since I’ve been discarded from the eyes of the government, I have had to think outside the box to make any money. I’m surprised I didn’t think of this months ago, but I guess stress is truly the mother of invention. I have decided to try selling things on Etsy. I wasn’t sure what to do. I needed something I could afford to make, as well as something I could actually make, and sell. I finally decided  upon earrings. I intended to find something more unisex, but I found these lovely little flowers online and I had to do it. They look even better in your hands, or on your ears. 

Please check out my shop and my earrings. If they aren’t for you, then maybe you could send the link over to someone who you think would enjoy these handmade gifts. At this point, it’s practically charity. I have some other ideas of things to sell, but I’m working all that out as I go. So now not only do I need to worry about marketing my books, I have my Etsy store to go along with it. Whew! Busy year.