Another Thing…

I also wanted to touch on the rash of government employees refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples based on religious beliefs. This needs to be punished. If you’re a private sector employee or business owner, fine. Be a hateful monster all you like. It’s your American right, but if you work for the government on any level; city, state, or federal, you have no religious beliefs. You are a civil servant and you work for the community and  you must do your job by the letter of the law when you’re on the taxpayer’s dime. Whatever your religious convictions may be, they are yours on your own time. These religious freedom laws must not apply to city, state or federal employees based on the whole separation of church and state. The government has no religious allegiance, and as such neither do its employees. If you don’t like it, quit. There are people out there who will do the job. In fact, if there’s anyone out there who knows of an opening, let me know. I could use a job right now myself.


Okay, so, it’s been a week since a major civil rights victory and the GOP and their supporters are still whining about it and I don’t think that it’s going to end. Ever. I was hoping that once marriage equality became the law of the land, it would silence the haters. I was hoping they would set their weapons down and accept defeat. RIGHT! Instead we still have the nutjobs like Huckabee and, well, basically all Republicans, telling us all how God is going to strike us all dead for redefining the  marriage that he established back in Bible days.

Oh my God. Where to start? I’ll try and take this all point by point and I will attempt to be as brief as I can. First, God did NOT create marriage. Marriage is an invention of human beings. It was originally a transaction that exchanged goods form one person to another, the woman being considered property btw. In fact, marriage for the most part was more about money and property than love for a very very long time, so in that case marriage has already been redefined. A lot.

Secondly, This was not a redefinition of marriage. Marriage is still marriage. The only thing different is that two people of mixed or same genders can be joined legally. That’s it. There are no new rules or exceptions. Marriage has been expanded to include more people. Your current marriage is intact and there is no threat to it, at least, not from the outside. If there’s any threat to your marriage it’s coming from you or your spouse. Deal with that first and then come bitch at me.

Third, why are people putting God into this? We are not having a religious debate. We are not talking about churches or faith. This is legal conversation about the legal status of marriage. This move does not affect churches directly. All that is being said is two men or two women can apply and receive a marriage license. That is in issue of law, not religion. You can hold onto your prejudice and hatred all you want, but that is your PERSONAL belief and will not shape the legal process or deny others their due civil rights. If you have a problem with gay marriage, too bad. I have problems with lots of things other people do and believe, but I don’t make a federal case of it because I understand the difference between opinion and fact. We all have to share this land and we all will live our lives differently. What one person does with their life is their business and there is no reason why my personal beliefs should impede their happiness. You are not right. That is what I say to all you Christians out there. It had to be said. I’ll say it again. You are not right. No one is right when it comes to religion. No one religion is right. Just because you believe it doesn’t make it true for anyone else. The only thing that is true whether you believe it or not is science, and science is provable. You can back science up with evidence.

Fourth, the marriage of two people is no one’s business but the two people getting married. You third parties have no dog in this fight. Walk away. Other people do not need to live their lives by your standards. Jack and Brian getting married has zero effect of your life. I saw that some woman put a video of herself crying and railing against marriage equality (God, when you hear those words, how can you fight that?) and I just wonder, why is she getting so worked up over something that she has no business even complaining about? How are you affected, crazy lady? If you think you’re so righteous and on the path to Heaven, then good for you. Go on and get that golden throne. Leave everyone else alone. We’re all dealing with our own journeys. We don’t need you screaming at us. But, in case you or someone you know reads this, re-read that Bible of yours. Particularly the parts that outline how women are nothing more than cattle. The passages that instruct women to submit completely to their husbands. Is that how you’ve lived your life? Are you clear on all of that? Did you do the Christian thing and give yourself body, soul and mind to your husband? Do you place him above  yourself in all things? Are you his slave? That’s what the Bible insists upon you. If you haven’t complied, we’ll be seeing you downstairs.

All I can say is if you’re living your life by the words of men who lived millions of years ago, you have some major issues to work out in your own head. Men wrote the bible. Mortal men with agendas who knew they could manipulate the masses by using their words. The Bible has been translated and changed countless times over the centuries. Who knows how corrupted it was back when most of the people were illiterate and only the elite and clergy could read. They knew what they were doing. They held all the cards. Essentially, whatever they said the people would believe and you think they didn’t take full advantage of that? They say the Pope is the holiest man on Earth? They believe it. They say it’s okay to kill Pagans? They believe it. It was a golden age for ignorance and fear based faith. Eons later, it’s still alive and well. It’s like people don’t want to get smarter. They prefer to be just part of the shivering herd waiting to be told where to go by their faceless leader. I don’t know why I even bother writing things like this. This ignorance will never leave us. People just wrap themselves up in what they believe and should you challenge these core beliefs of theirs, they will fight back at you with everything they’ve got, because in order to admit they were wrong means they have to reevaluate every aspect of their life and they just aren’t ready to walk in that light.

Wow. Kind of ran off the road there for a second. My final point, which is just an observation to pin next to all this. I feel the GOP is going to be chewing on this gay marriage bone because they need  the wedge issue. Now that it’s legal, they just lost a plank in their platform. They lost an issue which they were able to use to stir up fear and hate and score some votes. They are certainly not going to just give it up, although they really have no choice. They lost and there’s nothing they can do about it. They’re just going to have to find something else to hate.

At Last

The war is over and as the dust settles, justice stands as the victor. As many have heard, The Supreme Court came back on the gay marriage issue with a close ‘Yes’ and now it is the law of the land. I wasn’t sure if I was being punked when I read the news, but when I saw that it was for real, I felt good in a strange new way. It was like a weight off the world. No more protests. No more debates. It’s over. It’s done. Right?

Well, yes and no. It is over in the actual sense, but the struggle continues with the nutcase Right Wing. They, true to form, do not take defeat graciously. Factions are vowing to disregard the court’s ruling while I’ve heard rumors of trying to impeach the justices who voted for gay marriage, or as it is known now, marriage.

Still we hear the echoed complaints about how it’s a sin and it’s inexcusable how SCOTUS dares to redefine marriage. We hear how it’s an attack on Christianity and on religion in general.

I don’t even know where to begin correcting all of this misinformation. First, marriage has NOT been redefined. Marriage is still marriage. Nothing has changed. There are just more people out there who can get married. And if you want to talk about the definition of marriage, it’s been redefined many times over they years before this. The marriage process is different today than it was centuries earlier. Marriage has already been altered. It’s a little late to bitch about it now. In fact, if you want to go back to the original meaning of marriage, you’re going to have to cut out the premarital sex, make sure you’ve got enough money to buy your bride and we should get to putting those who are divorced to death.

Secondly, I hear so much about religion in this. This topic is not a religious one. We weren’t fighting for the church’s approval. We were fighting for legal recognition. Marriage is not a religious institution. God didn’t create it. Marriage is an invention of man. Animals don’t get married. Only humans do, and Christians don’t hold the market on marriage either. Every culture and religion in the world has a marriage ceremony. To all Christians: Please shut up and stop acting like marriage was all your idea. It really wasn’t. It never was. I’d also like to ask all those Repub haters out there who have been divorced or engaged in premarital sex to also shut up. Once you committed those sins, from your favorite book, you lost any right to speak on this subject. And please, Sarah Palin, Shut the f**k up! Deal with your knocked up daughter. Is she married? If not, are you going to stone her to death like a good Christian? If not, you’re a hypocrite.

I’d also like to point out all those couples who said they’d get a divorce if marriage equality became the law. Keep on those folks. Get that divorce. Teach us gays a lesson. Ouch. And that reverend who said he’d set himself on fire if gay marriage passed. I don’t see those flames going up. Come on, man! A promise is a promise. Flame on!

The Battle For Equality

It comes down to this. All the uphill battles. All the failures. All the victories. Now the Supreme Court is deciding on the issue of same sex marriage. I feel a little less passionate about this issue now, only because based on the direction we’ve been going, marriage equality seems assured at some point. It’s only a matter of time. However, the hate groups still make my blood boil all the same and they are out in force now. It’s their last stand to vindicate their self righteousness. I have tried to veer away from their words just for the sake of my own peace of mind, but I read a recent article about the words of Josh Duggar. This guy is one of the 19 kids on that train wreck of a reality spectacle ’19 kids and counting’. He’s also the head A$$hole in charge of one of the leading gay hate groups in America.  He was out there on Capital Hill spouting off about he and his fellow ‘Christians’ are the victims now. Was he really trying to get people to feel sorry for the plight of the modern ‘Christian’? You guys have  been gaming the system in your favor since day one and now that you find yourselves on the minority side, you’re panicking and this is how you react. You know that your views are not popular and you’re in the thralls of your last death gasp as you try to hold onto whatever control you once had, but it’s over. Now they cry discrimination. They cry religious freedom. Your religious views are your private business and no one is punishing you for having them. You can believe whatever you want, but you can’t dictate the lives of others based on your beliefs. What you believe, may not be what others believe and just as your views are valid, so are theirs. No one is right in the realm of faith or religion. It is just what you believe.
This particular quote caught my eye. From Josh Duggar:
“Right now in America there is an agenda to silence people of faith, those who hold a dissenting opinion,” Duggar told CBN. “That’s not what America was founded on. America was founded on respect, tolerance, and really not discriminating against people based on their religious convictions.”

Really? So, what exactly are you doing? In case you can’t afford a dictionary with all that reality show money, it’s called ‘discrimination’. I can’ believe
this lesson has been so hard to learn for so many, but to repeat for the bazillionth time, discrimination on any grounds is WRONG! It’s wrong to discriminate against
a person’s race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or nationality. It’s wrong across the board. It’s indefensible, but here are the ‘Christian’ hate lords doing
their damnest to defend it; because apparently discrimination is okay, as long as it’s not against them. They’re fine with it so long as they’re the ones discriminating.
Not that they’re being discriminated against in the first place. Not being allowed to judge and persecute people is not discrimination. You have a right to your opinion and
your religious beliefs, but so does everyone else and there is nothing saying that you ever have to agree with anyone. You don’t have to like it, but you can’t
infringe on their civil rights due to your own beliefs.
I think we can expect these nut jobs to stick around for a while longer. The Religious Right is like a cornered animal now that they see that their beliefs and their
vision for this country are falling into the minority when they used to enjoy a majority rule. They see that they are loosing their grip on this country and are shifting
into panic mode. They will do and say whatever they have to preserve this imaginary utopia they have built up in their minds. Even the younger generation of their ranks
are waking up and realizing that there is no reason to hate or marginalize anyone, for any reason.
I’m just sick and tired of these jerks crying foul when the game isn’t going their way. You guys have ruled the roost for centuries, but you could not have expected
to stay on top forever. You had to see that your ideals would one day become antiquated and despised by a new generation. Your time has come. Now be good and lay down and die already.
BTW, think on this. The Pilgrims came here to escape religious persecution, but once they got here, they did nothing but persecute. They targeted women, people of different faiths, The Native Americans.
They stole, killed and lied to take this land and build it into the country we see today. Please don’t forget that. God didn’t give us this land in a big box with a pink ribbon. It was taken by violence.
Spare us all your holier than thou bull$hit, please! And Josh Duggar, you are an idiot. A world class, A-1 idiot. I hate to reduce this to name calling, but some people just
so deserve it and you are one of them. If you hate a certain group of people, say so. Don’t duck behind your Bible and claim that you are acting in interest of any higher purpose. You shame real Christians who actually understand the teachings of Jesus and put them into practice every day. At the end of the day you should look back and try to name one thing you did in that day that was truly Christian. If you’re honest with yourself, I think you will find your self wanting, but then I doubt that you would be honest with even yourself.

A Couple Things

This post may seem a bit rushed and disjointed, but a couple things dawned on me as I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other night. A little explanation first. I gather a lot of stories through my Facebook feed and while most are run of the mill stories there are a few that stand out. Two in particular this past week. First, I read about a pastor in the south, I don’t know his name and frankly, I don’t feel like finding it and giving him a plug, went on record saying that we could have an AIDS free world by Christmas if we ‘kill all the homos’. This man of the cloth passionately advocates the murder of LGBTQ people because he believes that will cure AIDS. Let that sink in for a moment. Now, when I read this I was naturally outraged and angry. This man is a disgrace to not only his faith, but the human race in general. He is uneducated, hateful and probably gay himself. Let’s get past that because this is the big idea I got. If these people believe in the Bible as they say they do, I’d like someone to explain how they can champion the idea of murdering people when the book they claim to be where all their laws come from actually states, without question, that killing is a sin. Hello! Ten commandments? Thou shalt not kill? I have to believe to laws brought forth by God himself would overrule anything else after it. If God says not to kill, you don’t kill, yet people like this pastor seem to think they get a pass because some other passage of the Bible, written by a mortal man, states that these people in particular must be put to death and the whole thou shalt not kill thing just get set aside. Convenient. I’d love to meet a Christian who believes in the Bible and manages to live with no contradictions. If that exists, please let me know. Just keep in mind, if you believe one group of people should die and others should not, you are a hypocrite and you are not a Christian.
The second thing that’s lit a fire under me is a story about how a group of African-American pastors went out of their way to derail some legislation that would help protect LGBT people from discrimination because they felt gay people have not suffered as they and their ancestors had suffered. First, I doubt these pastors had suffered as their ancestors had either. They had not been slaves themselves. They had never been forced to use special drinking fountains. It was those before them who suffered those injustices and fought and won freedom. They won freedom not only for their children and their children’s children, but for every minority who found themselves marginalized by society. This battle for civil rights isn’t some pissing contest where we have to reach some level of suffering before we get to claim our human dignity. Those great men fought hard and suffered greatly so that this country would become a better place to live for everyone and for these men to come against a group fighting for laws that would ensure they can’t be fired for being who they are is a tremendous insult to everything their heroes had fought and sacrificed for. Yes, the struggle for LGBT people may not have been equally as hard, but that’s thanks to the battles that came before. The civil rights movement has evolved and changed over the decades. The warriors change, but the fight is just the same. No one is seeking special treatment. They are only seeking fair treatment. Equal treatment under the law. After so many years, we should be at a place where this kind of fighting is obsolete. Have we not learned the lesson yet? Black Christians fought against gay marriage, yet not too long ago it was illegal for blacks to marry whites. It was illegal for Latinos to marry non-Latinos. They fought and won the right for their marriages to be recognized legally. Why do you suddenly change course and join those you once fought in order to marginalize a new group seeking the exact same rights you fought so hard for yourself? Because you don’t approve of their lifestyle? Because it goes against your beliefs? Guess what? Their marriage has nothing to do with you! Do you really want a world where your rights are determined by what other people believe? God! Why are people still like this? Are humans just incapable of learning from history now? It would be so much easier if we could just agree to treat each other equally across the board, no exceptions. Your life is your life, my life is mine. Seems so simple. So basic. Yet, there are millions of people out there who just don’t get it and sadly I think they never will. If they haven’t learned by now,

Equality Evolution

This week the Supreme Court struck a massive blow in favor of equality whether they meant to or not. With one decision, they cleared the path for gay marriage in 5 more states and now the scales have tipped and the majority of American states now allow everyone to marry who they want.
On this subject I have been vocal for the past few years. I don’t honestly think there’s anything that could be said that I haven’t already said. I mean, I’m no closer to getting married myself, but it’s nice to know should the day come, it’s there for me.
I guess in this round of the fight, I’m a bit more entertained by the religious right wing wackos who are still fighting this war despite the fact that they are destined to keep losing. I think the most intriguing thing I’ve found was a thought that actually brought on by a comment on a news article. The author pointed out how mad the right was to be told how to define marriage or, in their view, live their lives. They whined and thumped about how the government was coming in and forcing them to live a manner that was contrary to their deepest beliefs, yet they don’t seem to mind being the ones to tell others how to live their lives or force others to live their lives in manners contrary to their deepest beliefs. I think it was, and always has been, that fundamental hypocrisy that got my blood to boiling every time. The outrage is staggering. First, these so-called Christians who claim to be champions of the Bible and God’s word, act as anything but. True Christianity preaches temperance and love. It urges to love all and accept all. After all, was it not Jesus himself who said ‘Treat others as you would like to be treated’? Paraphrasing of course. It was also he who said ‘Your beliefs are not my believes, nor your ways, my ways’ again paraphrasing. Those two statements tell me that first, God wants us to be good to each other, which means not picketing funerals, not fighting or physically hurting others, and not attempting to take away the rights of others. They also say that even he understood that not everyone is going to think or believe the same thing, but that is no reason to discriminate against anyone.
The big difference in this gay marriage issue is that the LGBT community wants to only expand the institution of marriage for all. The Christian right wants to flatly shut people out from their civil rights. Their side seeks to do harm, while the legalization of gay marriage only impacts the two people getting married. You don’t like it, don’t marry someone of your own gender, easy, but you have no right to say someone can’t marry who they love. It’s not your place.
I think the big problem in this, and so many cases like this, is the simple fact that the people fighting against equality (how do you fight equality? How does that even sound right?) are mostly people who have never had to fight or defend their own rights. Straight, white males have never known this struggle. They stole this land and set up their little system with only themselves in mind. It seems to me since this country’s birth, every non-white, non-male, non-straight person has had to fight tooth and nail for the same rights and privileges that the WSM have taken for granted. They don’t know what it’s like to be marginalized or discriminated for some circumstance of birth. They’ve never been on that side of the fight. In fact, when you think about it, the Puritans came over here to escape religious persecution, yet the second they got here, that’s all they did to everyone else. I guess it wasn’t the persecution they hated as much as they just wanted to be the persecutors. And that tradition continues to this day. I just wonder if they’ll ever learn the lesson. You’d think they would have by now, right? Although I think once the LGBT community has equal rights across the board, there won’t be any more minorities to discriminate against. Whatever will they do when that happens? Maybe by then, the aliens will have landed and they’ll have a whole new race to demonize.