It’s Going To Be Alt-Right

It must be an election year because if feels like the entire country is self-destructing and it gets worse with every day. No matter what side of the fence you live on, the one thing we can all agree on is that after this year’s election, nothing will ever be the same.

Trump’s path to victory is narrow and it’s not likely he will win, but even if he doesn’t, he still will. While the office of president may elude him, his mission to divide and forever scar this country has been realized. Because of his inflammatory rhetoric, a rabid level of racism, xenophobia and flat out hatred is spreading across this country like a virus. The hate groups that have lurked in the shadows are coming out into the light with no apology and a new, disturbing, sense of purpose. They see this as their moment to ‘reclaim’ this country; although the only ones with any real claim are the Native Americans.

This has created  a nauseating level of irrational hatred, similar to what helped fuel the Nazi party in Germany. After Trump leaves the stage, this cloud of evil will remain and sadly will only grow stronger as those who supported him will be even more angry because their savior lost. Look forward to generations of more violence and hatred while high ranking Republicans will fight to defend their right to enact their vicious attacks, urging on the flames of hate because that’s where votes come from.

What I hate the most is the hypocrisy of these people. They say the ‘bleeding heart liberals’ are easily offended and call anything that pays respect to others ‘politically correct’, as if that’s an insult. While on the flip side of that coin, let’s look at all the right leaning organizations who lose their shit whenever a gay couple gets married, or a transgender dares use a public restroom. Also take a look at the case of a 65 year old woman being punched in the face at a Trump rally for a simple comment directed at a Trump supporter. She challenged him with an opposing viewpoint and his response was to cold cock her in the face, knocking her down, over her oxygen tank. Who’s sensitive? I think both sides have their share of crybabies, so let’s walk away from that attack because neither side has anything to be proud of there.

Just a couple months away and we can put all this ugliness behind us, in time to deal with all the ugliness that awaits us in 2017. Buckle up!