I move through the bustling crowd of strangers and my eyes witness a world I do not seem to be welcome to. I fail to fall into the general assertion of what makes a person worthy. My clothes fit different from them and my physicality runs against theirs. I am a stranger among strangers. I do not care, though, to follow the crowd. I choose not to be slave to what is agreed to be current and stylish. I have chosen my own path. I find my own beauty in this ever changing world, for I can be only who I am, no more, no less. I offer my world to others and it is there for you to accept or deny. If you cannot abide me in your life, I will gladly leave, but are you prepared to make that choice? If you can see beyond what you see and feel beyond what you feel, you will know who and what I truly am and in that revelation, you will know the worth I can bring to your life as well. The indescribable treasures I can offer are many, but only available to those strong enough and open enough to find them.