Okay. Am I the only one sick of all the phone commercials that use the sentimental music and emotional moments to sell their product? I hate how these companies try to pawn their garbage onto us by trying to manufacture some emotional link with us and their product. It’s a  phone! Just a damn phone. I feel like they are trying to appeal to our sentiment in order to sell us something that ultimately pulls us further apart. While I will admit the features and capabilities of todays phones allow us to communicate in ways that we never dreamt of before, but the way we abuse it seems to be breaking away the last few strands of our society. We settle for a text over a conversation. It’s okay to miss your kids recital now because your wife can Skype it for you or you can watch it later on Youtube. We’re getting to a point where we can literally put off living because we can experience it later online. Alone. The magic of such moments comes from the fact that they are shared experiences and that cannot be duplicated anywhere or anyhow.

I love the new tablets for kids now too. Get your kid glued to that screen now because that’s their destiny. They should learn to start living the digital lifestyle at the earliest age possible. Maybe one day we’ll be able to insert a micro-tablet into the womb. They will be able to record their time inside and have a record of their pre-birth. And the best part of the kid tablets is that they have a feature that will shut it down on them after so much time. That’s great! Now parents don’t have to be torn from their tablets to do their parental duty. The technology will do it for them. Pretty soon you won’t even have to deal with your kid until it’s time to pay for college. It’s no wonder every generation pulls further away from human interaction. We seem to be constantly trying to find new ways to eliminate the human element from every facet of life. Am I the only one who sees the flaw in this? I mean, as humans we need face to face contact. We are a social race. It feels like it has finally happened. All the nerds that got picked on and spent their lives avoiding bullies have grown up and taken over and are creating a society where the technology that was their only friend takes the lead and humans are becoming an expendable element. I’m no technophobe, but I believe we don’t need to be so addicted to it. I also see the irony of saying this in a blog posting, so don’t bother bringing that up. I think my point is  best illustrated in my book ‘Machine’.

It is set in another time where a society’s dependence on technology has driven them underground and they struggle to maintain society. I think that story states my point of view on the whole issue better than anything, and with the growing dominance of technology in our culture, I dare say it is extremely relevant for these times. Check it out. Okay. Commercial over.

Just keep in mind while technology is a blessing, it can be a curse and when they start installing computers in coffins, you know we have gone too far.