Civil Servants?

I think I’m seeing why our country’s government is so F’d up. I mean, not the only reason but a another essential piece of the puzzle. Think on this. A lot, not ALL but a lot, of civil servants are so jaded and passionless in their work, they strive only to make it to the 5 o’clock bell each day. I mean, I know we’re all well acquainted with the ill tempered DMV agent or the bitter postal worker, but this kind of laziness drifts into other realms. It’s alive and well in the police department, fire department and other public offices. There are those in those sectors who only have their jobs because they know how to work the system so that they only have to do the minimum of work and still get paid. If someone new comes along who actually does their job, guess who gets told to curb it?

A lot of folks choose to go into civil service only because it’s such a sweet gig. You get a big fat salary. You get full benefits, paid time off and once you’re in, you’re in for life. This is another instance where I think the benefits of the job is attracting the wrong kind of person. We need people in these jobs who want to do the work, not just wait out the clock until retirement. What is the saying? “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing” and that’s exactly what’s going on. Maybe some of these people go into these careers with good intentions, but as time plods on, they change. Their passion leaves them and they soon find themselves trying to just get  by without doing too much work and then when others come along who do their job well, they are exposed and instead of getting their act together and working, they pressure the new people and get them to fall into line.

The sad thing is that this mentality reaches higher than I would care to admit. The inner guts of our government is just a bunch of levels of buck passing and work dodging. People want the big salaries and fringe benefits, but none of the responsibility. Maybe it’s time we thought about not making the civil service career path so secure. We need people in these offices who want to do what they were hired to do.