Discrimination IN The Heartland

Okay, Indiana Governor signed into law a bill that legalizes discriminating based on religious freedom. Despite everyone in the world telling him ‘no’. Despite the threat of losing millions of dollars in revenue. He and his holier than thou constituents don’t care. Their righteous indignation is worth more to them. I read an article from a law professor at a university in IN and as I read it, all I could wonder was what kind of morons does this state churn out? You are a student of law and you think this bill is good or fair? It is out and out discrimination. It gives people a blank check to discriminate anyone whenever they want. All they have to do is cry ‘religious freedom’. Let’s not forget this bill, which deals mostly with the private sector, is pointless because any business can reserve the right to refuse service. That’s already a thing. If you don’t want the business, fine. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into when you agree to provide your services. Next, who the Hell is going to determine if any ‘religious freedoms’ are being violated? I mean, is there a stick you can put in someone’s mouth to gauge their religious convictions or can anyone just say that it’s a violation of their delicate nature, when in reality they’re just narrow minded hate mongers? I also wonder if this bill goes both ways. If I were a business owner in IN, and I had a customer I knew to be a ultra-right wing bible thumping nut, could I refuse service to them because their system of beliefs conflict with my ‘religious freedom’? I have a feeling it doesn’t cut both ways. If a gay business owner were to refuse service, they would be persecuting the poor, beleaguered Christian. I love this reverse persecution crap. For centuries the white Christians have pushed and bullied the world and now that they’re getting some push back, they cry like bitches and suddenly they’re the real victims of the evil minorities. I say to them, ALL of them, this world is not yours. You don’t own everything and you’re not always right. Your beliefs are as important and valid as those of someone else. Say that over to yourselves over and over. The main man Jesus Christ himself said ‘Your thoughts are not my thoughts, and my ways are not your ways.’ There! He got it! Why can’t you? Honestly, if even half of you behaved like true Christians, True True Christians, this world would be a much better place. To inform, true Christians do NOT judge or condemn. They accept and love. They do not protest funerals or chant songs of hate in public. They donate their time to those less fortunate, again without judgment. Either get with the program or get a new name for yourselves, because shit like this drags God’s good name through the mud. And if we are on the receiving end of any divine wrath, it’s probably because of all of you using God’s words and Jesus’s teachings to propel hate and wickedness.