Cecil Vs. Hunters

I have always hated the ‘sport’ of trophy hunting, but to hear the justification of this ‘sport’ from the murderer of Cecil the lion, I saw it in a new light. He actually described the activity as something he loved to do. He loved to go and kill innocent, exotic animals and nail their corpses up to his wall. He didn’t just enjoy it; he loved it. He loved to kill. I’m sure he doesn’t see it as killing since it’s animals, but it is killing and it has been observed that while we see trouble in that behavior in children, in adults we seem to label it a ‘sport’ and look the other way. I’d like to remind all that it is still just as troubling, maybe more so. A grown man actually loves to hunt down animals and kill them for nothing more than the bragging rights. This one in particular actually lured the lion from its safe zone and then didn’t just shoot it dead; he wounded it, it bled for about two days and then he finally put the beast out of its misery only to behead and skin it. I saw the picture of his acquisition. He was smiling and so proud. What a piece of human garbage.

Sadly, he is not the only hunter out there gunning for some of the most rare and endangered species out there. There are thousands of these psychos running around with their guns. Yes, you Assholes. You are psychos. Just because you’re not killing humans doesn’t mean you’re not still killing. You enjoy killing. You get off on it and you need it to make yourselves feel something that tickles that sick, unspeakable place in your backwards brains.

I’m not one of those people who believe that God is punishing us for anything we are currently doing in the world, but if I were, I’d think he wasn’t punishing us for gay marriage or abortion or anything like that. I would think he’s punishing us for the way we’ve been treating this planet and its inhabitants. When I was in school and we were studying the book of Genesis in the Bible (You know, that book all the Christians say they’ve read but really haven’t) it describes  our role on this planet as the caregivers. We were supposed to tend the garden over here. Our duty was to farm the land and help it grow and to protect the animals that live here. Instead we pollute the planet with toxic chemicals, rip the resources out of the Earth no matter the pollution it causes and these hunters are out there conducting a genocide of creatures that are unable to defend themselves. God didn’t want us killing, chopping up and displaying his animals for our egos. We have failed in our responsibility to this planet and if we were being punished for anything, that would be it.

Now, I’m not a vegetarian. I’m a meat eater. I admit that, so I don’t really account for the use of cows, pigs, birds and fish for food. Other animals eat meat in the wild. They kill for food. That is the food chain and it’s all  natural. God made carnivores. He knows some of us are going to eat others, but I don’t eat anything more exotic than a duck or turkey. Besides my thing is about the more exotic and complex animals in the world. Lions, elephants, rhinos, etc. Cows will never go extinct. We breed enough of those. It’s the animals out in the wild who need our help, and I think they deserve our help. I’ll say it now. I proudly value animal lives over  human lives. There are some people out there outraged that there’s so much upset over Cecil but no one is making a stink over Planned Parenthood. I say screw the humans. Honestly, there are plenty of us. In fact, I think we should legalize the hunting of humans in order to thin our numbers some. We could use a few years of zero population growth. Besides, planned parenthood. Doesn’t that sound like a good thing? Shouldn’t people plan their families, or do you want your kids to go out there unarmed with any education and get themselves pregnant before High School? Besides, in the case of abortions, that is a situation where the mother is choosing to end a pregnancy. There is no baby. It’s not even really a life form at that point. Hunting on the other hand is a creature being hunted down and taken without consent or notice. Cecil’s cubs were expecting to wake up and find him there with the pride in the morning. His death was not a choice but an tragic event perpetrated by greedy assholes who thought just because they had money, they could do whatever they wanted.  I digress. The point is, it is our duty as a life form to protect other life forms. We shouldn’t be killing for the sake of sport. In nature, killing is only for preserving your own life. It’s not about trophies or whatever prestige they bring. Why are humans so destructive? Why do they love to kill so much? What do they get out of it? Why can’t they be enriched with positive actions? Hunt down some poachers. Save a life. Do something to make the world stronger. I guess that’s not as much fun. It seems humans always prefer whatever is easiest. We love to kill because it’s easier to do than protect. We love tabloids because we love to hear horrible things about famous people. We always take the low road and wallow in the worst of everything. All wild animals should be protected from all forms of hunters, even if it’s being done in the name of conservation. I think if the animal population gets bigger, that means the humans pack up and go somewhere to give them the room they need. They were here first. We’re the invaders and every animal has the right to life and to live that life. I say we have a global ban on guns. Every country on Earth. No guns on Earth, so if you’re going to hunt or kill, you have to do it with your bare hands. Most people who use guns are cowards, which is why they are using the gun in the first place.

When Freedom Of Speech Fails

I was horrified to read a story today about how a ban on ‘Crushing’ videos had been lifted. I had never heard of these videos, but according to the article, they are videos of women torturing and killing baby animals and people watch these things to satisfy some sick sexual fetish. There was a law on the books that had helped to hinder such videos, as it exempted them from protection under Freedom Of Speech, similarly the way child pornography is not protected, but in a dissenting vote, the Supreme Court ruled to lift the ban, thereby making Crush videos legal again. Justice Roberts was quoted as to say that the law went too far. The Federal government had promised that they would only use this ban in such cases of this kind of extreme profanity, but that didn’t sit well with Justice Roberts. He felt the government (i.e. Obama) couldn’t be trusted to keep that promise, so in order to sidestep that, he and his other cronies proclaimed that Crushing videos were indeed protected.

Champions of freedom of speech have celebrated this decision, but I can’t understand why. I mean, was this something that was worth protecting? Videos of baby animals being tortured and killed holds some deeper meaning that enriches the human condition? No. It’s sick. It’s beyond sick. The people who make these videos are only less sick than the people who watch them; and now thanks to Justice Roberts and our right leaning Supreme Court who clearly saw a chance to stick one to Obama, these videos are now fair game once more. I’m a big fan of freedom of speech, but there are boundaries that are just there. Boundaries that any thinking, reasonable person can see. Videos of innocent animals being killed is not something that needs, nor should be, protected. They’re snuff films. They’re as bad as child porn and unless Roberts is ready to make all that legal, they had better get on the ball and fix this. I mean, how much further down can humanity go? Shouldn’t we try and start doing things that lift up and make ourselves better? It just feels when I see something that is the worst thing a human being could do; something new comes along that takes it all down another rung. Child abductions. Child killers. Abusive parents. Homicidal parents. How much more can we take? How much worse can it get until we start looking at ourselves and realizing we need to start making better choices? When it did it become such a challenge to not be horrible? It’s almost like there are people out there who take these atrocities as challenges and seek to outdo the others by doing something even worse. It’s things like this that make me hope for the end of humanity. We’re not getting better. For a while we had been, but over the last decade or so, whatever progress we’ve made has been lost. Shootings on a near daily basis. People fighting to protect the guns over the victims. Violence spilling out at the seams. I’m telling you, Earth is turning into Pandora and not the James Cameron one. The Borderlands one. Look it up and be afraid.

Random Thought Of The Day

I was nosing around the web last night and discovered a comment on a page where the writer stated that she hated cats. As a cat lover myself, this disease of ‘cat-hate’ has always infuriated me. Most of the reason cat haters give for their opinion is because cats are aloof or anti-social or won’t come when they call. All I can say is that the cat’s behavior must be reacting to how it’s being treated by you because all the cats I’ve ever encountered have been affectionate, happy and extremely social. Animals are not mindless objects that obey your every command. They have minds and opinions and they will defend themselves from larger animals if they feel threatened. That includes human animals. Are you suggesting a cat has no right to fend off unwanted physical contact? That a simple, innocent living creature is on this Earth only to serve your needs? Sorry. Not the case.

This also brings me to another issue with cat-haters. How do you hate an animal? Animals are innocent and free of malice. They have no agenda, other than eating and sleeping. What did that animal do to you to earn your scorn? Did a cat steal your job? Did a cat foreclose on your home? Did a cat do anything to harm you on purpose purely out of spite? The answer would be no. If you hate an animal, cat or otherwise, you’ve got more of an issue going on in your head than dislike of that animal. I just never  have understood how someone could look upon a simple, innocent animal and feel hatred for it. Yeah, if a cat clawed me, I’d be angry, but I would never harm the poor thing. It doesn’t know what it’s doing. It’s just defending itself. What if there were a form of life bigger than humans on Earth? What would you do if one of them started poking and prodding on you? Would you roll over and take it or would you assert yourself?

If you don’t like cats, that’s your thing. Don’t adopt one and don’t deal with them, but don’t go out of your way to hurt them. No living thing should be subject to punishment simply for what it is. If you’re the kind who does abuse or enjoy harming animals, get your ass to a psychiatrist ASAP. The issue isn’t with the animal, it’s within your skull.