New NRA Ad

Okay, I’m trying to keep my blog light, but I just saw a new ad by the NRA with some woman who got raped talking about how she was afraid of guns before she was attacked and now has seen ‘the light’ and has become a gun advocate. She claims that the right to bear arms is at risk in this election. First off, No it isn’t. Hillary is not after your precious guns anymore than Obama was. All that is being offered are some common sense gun safety laws that would keep military grade weaponry off the streets, close up the gun show loophole and enact more stringent background checks before the purchase of guns. I honestly don’t know what the NRA’s objections to these guidelines are. So much opposition to common sense laws that will keep everyone safe. If you’re on the no-fly list, why should you be allowed to have a gun. Too dangerous to fly but it’s A-OK for you to have a gun? I also don’t understand why the NRA makes such a leap in logic. Gun safety laws = taking our rights away to them. I get that they’re trying to hold onto their grip on our law makers. They don’t want to give up their power and if any gun safety measures ever get through, it’ll be a downward slide for them. They will lose their clout and the ability to control our congressmen and senators, but I think that would be good. Most of them are a bunch of uneducated, paranoid reactionary freaks who for their guns before thinking. ┬áIs that the world we want? Do we want to go back to the wild west? Gun fight in the streets? Daily mass shootings? How many dead will it take before the NRA sees that something has to be done in order to protect the people? We need driver’s licenses to drive cars. Why not apply that to guns? Regular testing. Annual registrations. Keep on top of those out there who are carrying around tools of death, because that’s what they are. Guns are designed to kill and only kill. Anyone who really believes in gun safety should agree that these measures are not violations of their rights and are completely reasonable methods by which to ensure public safety. We are not animals ruled by our fear. We have the ability to reason and think. There also other methods of self defense. Pepper spray. Tazers. Basic self defense. I’d like to know what would have happened to that woman if she did have a gun and her rapist found it. Then you’d be raped and killed. A gun does not guarantee safety. In fact, its presence increases your chance of death. You think it won’t happen to you. You know better. There are plenty of people buried who thought just like you do. The average gun owner may be willing to bet their life on that weapon, but I’m not, and my life isn’t yours to wager on.