“Looking” Review

Well, I finally saw a few episodes of HBO’s show ‘LOOKING’ and after that taste, I feel ready to render my verdict. It was terrible.
Take this review for what it is. One may think me slanted because the reality is if not for this show, you’d be watching ‘Jason Of The Valley’ on HBO instead, but I swear to you all this is an honest, unbiased opinion. I watched these episodes and this is the impression I walked away with.
First, who likes this garbage? I mean, the characters are so flat and boring. Haven’t we seen these archetype characters in almost every single independent gay film ever made? We have the cute yet insecure lead, whose world seems to be populated by nothing but good looking gay men who all fall for his disarming lack of confidence and self-awareness. The whore who possesses no real moral limits because they have seen the world for what it is and thusly, dispenses most of the wise advice. The vain/picky queen who is paired with a man who is exactly the opposite of what he want so that means they obviously end up together and their relationship is clearly a means to fuse in some spicy scenes.
The action of the show is slow and stilted and it seemed to me like they spent more screen time having characters dissect every aspect of what is perceived to be the modern gay lifestyle and pontificating on the psychological workings of such a thing. I was waiting for them to get around to an actual story, but I guess they have to save something for season 2.
The acting was fine. It got the job done. The casting is good. A very attractive cast. I’d say one of the few things going for it would be the cast and the other thing is the very authentic scenes of love making. Of course, if I wanted that, I could just watch porn.
My other complaint goes back to the characters. They all seem to have their shit together and are really on top of their respective games; so completely out of touch with reality. It also depicts these guys’ search for love and something special. Noble, but I feel like it’s feeding into some ‘Cinderella’ fantasy about finding the ‘perfect’ mate. So many guys out there believe there is one perfect guy out there for them to marry and start an open relationship with. Having spent my time in the trenches, I can tell you, and I’m sure many of you out there can back me up on this, that gay unicorn does not exist. We can’t all marry handsome go-go boys who are also CEOs of their own companies.
Ultimately, I was hoping to see a show that focused more on the characters and stories rather than getting wrapped up in its message. A show about a group of friends who happen to be mostly gay would have been much better than a show about how a group of friends are gay. The general public doesn’t need a detailed breakdown of what it’s like to be gay and the gay public already knows so how about we move on now?

Screw You Cable!!!

Okay. Off the bat, I’m a little mad right now. My cable pretty much got taken from me because all my channels were switched to digital and I don’t feel like having to pay yet another charge for a box to watch basic cable. I figured, ‘no sweat. I’ll watch my shows online.’ WRONG! Now it seems all the channels are requiring you to supply a password from your cable account to watch content that was, up until a few months ago, freely available. On principle this annoys me. If you already have the cable, why would you watch these shows online instead of on the television? It always seemed to me that making the shows available online was a tool to make the shows accessible to those who didn’t have cable. And even Youtube is getting greedy. If you want to see an episode of ‘American Dad’ from the new season, you have to pay them $1.99. Bull$h!t! You can’t start up your format and offer free content after so many years and then suddenly decide you want to make money. Besides, if you weren’t charging before and still making money, why charge now? I’m sorry, but if the entertainment industry is so anxious to get digital, they’re going to have to realize that it’s a little too late to change the rules to suit them. They set the precedent. They have to live with it. Besides, I don’t see how this new shift is going to make them any more money. I can only see how all of this digitizing and streaming is actually going to cost them. More people watching online, less watching your network. Ratings plummet. No advertisers because they’re doing free Facebook campaigns and they put money in online promotion, which doesn’t come close to matching what they used to spend in television promotion. Let’s face it, a 60 second spot during the Super Bowl now costs eight figures. Do you think a stream of the Super Bowl is going to pull that same kind of price? No. A friend pointed out to me, and I’m surprised I never thought of this, that all of these online shows and Youtube videos don’t have the same audience as television. You choose which videos and shows you watch online. They aren’t just broadcast and made available for public viewing. You get to pick and choose your program schedule yourself. This is factor that alters the entire role of advertising. I’ve seen this coming down the road for a long time and it’s starting to take form. The end is coming. The lesson shall be just because it’s new and ‘cool’ doesn’t mean it’s better. These leaps forward in technology are wiping out huge sections of our economy. It’s a domino effect that will leave turn this whole country into a vast wasteland with constant double digit unemployment and decaying cities. Maybe my vision is a little over dramatic, but the truth lies somewhere within.