Magnificent 7

They come few and far between, but westerns are still a thing and this new remake of the Magnificent 7 (which is an adaptation of the Seven Samurai) is a definite good time to be had. I never saw the original Magnificent 7, but as I understand it is highly regarded. The story is as simple as ABC, but therein lies the complexity. A young widow seeks justice after her husband is brutally murdered in front of her and the entire town by a evil land baron seeking to take the town from them. She seeks out someone who can help her save her town from this monster and get some revenge in the bargain. Denzel Washington is Sam Chisolm, a certified bad ass of the west, and after he takes out another wanted criminal, she seeks out  his help. He agrees and slowly assembles a team of scoundrels, criminals and cast offs to band together to fight the good fight.

I’m not super into westerns, and I guess this one is more on the side of action than true western, but in any case, I liked it. The action was well paced and choreographed and the moments between gun fights were equally engaging as we learned more about these men and what motivates them. Balanced with humor, drama and a good dose of action this is a perfect example of a summer blockbuster, which I count it as even though it’s no longer summer, but I figure it’s close enough.

Audience: Here we go. It was a packed theater and there were issues. First, the couple next to me drove me to madness. She had a smart watch that kept lighting  up all through the movie and her husband, the parrot, kept repeating every line he thought was so funny or special. Then there were the two idiots behind me who were chittering all through the movie. I honestly have no idea what anyone could have to say when there’s a movie going on right in front of them. Is the thing you paid to come and see less interesting than whatever nonsense you have rattling around in that head of yours? For the last time. In the movie theater, SHUT UP!! Just SHUT UP! Don’t talk! How hard is it to NOT talk? SHUT UP!!

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