The Mechanic: Resurrection

Okay, I’m not usually one for such blatant action flicks like this, but after seeing the trailer and seeing all the skin Jason Statham shows off in the movie, I had to see. It’s not scandalous, I just like him shirtless and there’s plenty of that to see here.

I never saw any of the previous films so I really don’t know the history of the franchise, but as it starts Bishop (Statham) is living in seclusion in Brazil. Living the life. Just kicking back and enjoying life after a well earned career of killing people. A beautiful woman shows up at his drinking hole and makes it clear she, and her employer, know who he is and threaten to expose his low profile status if he doesn’t kill 3 selected targets. A fight ensues and we’re off to the races.

Bishop returns to a small island where he meets with an old friend people who have seen the previous films may know and he starts on a mission to find the person who sniffed him out, but before that goes anywhere, he runs into Jessica Alba, a young, strong woman in a bad situation. He helps her out of it but it turns out their meeting is more than clandestine. Soon, she’s kidnapped by the villain, Crane (Also a character I think Mechanic fans would be familiar with) and Bishop embarks on his mission to kill the three targets after all.

I wasn’t expecting much from this movie other than shirtless Statham and I got loads of that. I also got to see an action movie that ticks up the intelligence quotient a bit. It was interesting watching Bishop plan out his kills and then watching the dominoes fall as his plan takes effect. This film requires a lot of suspension of belief. I mean, how many henchmen can this Crane guy possibly afford anyway? He’s got a small army and they’re all fitted out with state of the art tech. Not a thrifty enterprise, to be sure, especially when it takes only one man to take them all out. My thoughts are clone Bishop, make an army of him and set him loose upon the world. If you’re looking to distract yourself with some fun, violent fun, I totally approve of this movie. If you have a crush on Jason Statham, I STRONGLY approve this  movie. It doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is, and that works for it.

Audience: It’s a testament to the power of a film to render an auditorium silent, and thankfully this was a case when everyone was fixed on the screen. There were a couple loudmouths during the trailers, but as far as the movie, very few disturbances.

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