The new suspense thriller ‘Morgan’ is nothing like what you expect it to be from the trailer. In a remote mansion in the woods, there is a hidden science lab beneath the land. Inside this lab is a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, Morgan. We see from file footage that Morgan is the latest in a series of attempts at a viable artificial life form. A special agent, Lee Weathers, arrive on behalf of the corporation funding the project for an update after a unforeseen accident. When Lee arrives, we meet the ensemble staff brought together for the sake of raising Morgan. Everyone is very proud of Morgan and see her as their own while Lee is determined to keep her distance. You can feel the tensions rise as Lee is the only one there who is not completely enamored of Morgan.

It’s a little slow in getting to the meat of it, but once it does it doesn’t stop. Not a completely surprising film either. I was thinking ‘Alien’ when I saw the trailer but it looks like Ridley Scott’s son was the one at the helm of this one and so Morgan fails to rise up to that level. It wasn’t terrible, but it’s not one I would label as ‘must see’ either. Gray is the color I think of when I think of this movie and that’s about where it registers in interest. Medium, at best.

Audience: Pretty full theater and happily very little chatter. Why is it always the ‘meh’ movies with the good audiences?

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