Jason Bourne

Matt Damon returns to the role of Jason Bourne for the fourth outing in the franchise. I read that he refused to be part of the project unless Paul Greengrass returned to directing. Well, he got his wish and Jason Bourne rides again.

The movie opens with Jason living off the grid and just going from one fight club to the next and being invisible. His animosity doesn’t last long when his past catches up to him and soon he finds himself embroiled in a plot to eliminate a tech mogul on the eve of a new product that supposedly opens up your life on the web, but at the same time protecting your privacy.

I have never been a fan of the Bourne films. I actually fell asleep during one of them. This film follows form with the previous films in that for an action movie, it is dreadfully boring. In the beginning there is a lot of tech talk and lots of scenes of people clicking on things on screens. When there are action sequences, the camera closes in and it’s difficult to tell what is going on exactly until the end of the fight. The story itself is basic and seems like it should be easy to follow but the scenes just drag on and you start to lose track of what’s going on from one scene to the next. If you like deep cover black 0ps kind of stuff, this is the movie for you.

Matt Damon is in top form as Jason as he runs, jumps and generally kicks ass whenever it’s called for and there are some chase scenes that will definitely keep you awake. It helps if you have seen the previous films to fully understand where the characters are in their lives and why everyone seems to mess their pants at the sound of Jason Bourne’s name. A lot of old stuff is brought back. This was a well put together  production no question, but for all the money that was poured into it, I would have hoped they could have made something a bit more stimulating.

Audience: For the most part, the audience was well behaved, however there was this one guy behind me who brought his kids and it was clear they were way too young to find any entertainment in this movie. They were constantly chattering and getting up and down from their seats. I particularly loved how when they left the auditorium they were clever enough to crawl  below the screen to the exit on the opposite side of the theater, instead of simply using the exit on the other side, which would not have bothered anyone. What are parents teaching kids these days?

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