Absolutely Fabulous : The Movie

The big screen adaptation of the popular BBC series has finally arrived. After years of speculation and rumors it has proven to be a reality. It was hard for me to picture what a film version of Ab Fab would look like. I am familiar with the series and while I’m not a rabid fan, I did enjoy the show’s humor and wit.

In the film version we see how life has continued on for Patsy and Edina. Saffy, Edina’s daughter, is now living with her along with her own daughter Lola. Other than that, not much has changed. Eddy and Pats are still living as large as they can manage, and usually on someone else’s dime. Two forces of destruction plowing down everyone and everything around them with no regard to the destruction they leave in their wake. In other words, business as usual.

Edina is on the verge of a book deal but when the publisher declines buying the story of her life, she begins to see how life seems to have passed her by without her noticing. Her PR business is non-existant and the money is running out fast. Her one glimmer of hope is signing supermodel Kate Moss as a new client. In her zeal to land the deal, Kate Moss winds up falling into the Thames river and is presumed dead with Edina in the center of the controversy.

Things get real for the two best friends and they are set upon an adventure to find a safe place to hide and get away from the nightmare that has consumed their lives with Lola, and her credit card, along for the ride.

I enjoyed the film for what it was. A longer version of the show with a larger budget. It was nice to see all the old gang back played by the original performers. While they have changed on the outside, the spirit and talent remained. Jane Horrocks returns as Bubble and is as ditzy as ever and a perfect comic foil, if not a bit underused in this adventure, but keep an eye peeled as she pops up in other parts of the movie in different guises. Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley haven’t missed a step. They ease into Patsy and Edina’s vibe so easily and it’s so good to see the energy between them. The story does make sense in the Ab Fab tradition but is largely uninspiring and even a bit ridiculous and requires a great deal of faith from the audience to make plausible. However it’s not the story that we have come for. The script can lapse into some over silly moments that can take you out of the action, but all in all, it hits all the points. If you are a great fan of the show, you will love this addition to the phenomenon however, it  may be a little over the head of those new to Ab Fab and a little viewing of the series may prove helpful.

Audience: Sadly, there wasn’t much of an audience for this one but thankfully they were quiet as mice for the entire film. Which I think is a testament to the dedication to those who are fans of the show. Everyone was focused on the movie and all I heard out of them was laughter.

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