Comics Review For April 1, 2015

Well, the day has finally come. DC is ending its weekly titles Futures End and Batman Eternal and begins Convergence. I don’t normally review comics, only mostly because I don’t get enough to offer what some would consider to be a suitable review, but in this instance I have to offer my two cents. No change expected.

First. Futures End. I have been following this title since issue #0. I was intrigued by the time travel angle and I enjoyed how there were so many branches to the story. It reminded me of 52 and Countdown from just a few years ago. It was like a soap opera that spanned the DC universe. However, in the cases of 52 and Countdown, the endings came with some kind of sense. I hate to say this, but the final issue of Futures End was a bit of a let down. After a year of following all these seemingly unconnected storylines, we find they really are unconnected and the core story that set the whole thing into motion fell apart almost as fast as we were made to think we were heading to a real ending. That’s the worst part. The story ended pretty much where it began with no real conclusion. It seemed like it was just setting up a new title to being after Convergence ends. What bugged me was the lack of closure with so many of the other storylines that had been seeded over the year. They left a lot of loose ends and I don’t like that.

Alternatively, the final issue of Batman Eternal was the exact opposite. I didn’t follow this one, but I picked up the first issue and now I have the last one too, and it connected perfectly. The story lines all came together in the end and it ended, as much as a Batman story can end. It set the stage for the next year in Gotham and as much as I’ve had a problem with the New 52, I am interested in seeing where this goes.

Two endings, and now a beginning. Convergence #0. There has been a lot of rumors, hints and ads about this event. I was interested from the start because it’ll be nice to see ‘my’ characters return, if only for this last story (they have already stated the New 52 continuity will stick after this event). The first issue looked like it picked up a little after Superman:Doomed #2 and really just sets the stage for the coming conflict and we get our first look at the new villain Telos. The art was good and the concept is interesting. Plus it’s good to see talent from when I was more invested in these things at the helm. All I can say is I will follow this path and see where it leads.

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