If You Didn’t Think Humanity Was Doomed Before,

What has happened to the human race? Were we always such monsters or did that come about via evolution? We’re supposed to be the best of all. We have the rare ability to think and make moral judgments, yet the choices we make time and time again make me wonder if we aren’t just evil to the core.
I have been hearing a lot of alarmist talk over the news that California, my home, only has one year of water left. Of course, if our Governor had half a brain, he would have seen this issue coming down the way and done something in the way of finding a solution instead of blowing the state’s money on a light rail system no one will use, but I digress.
I read an article a few days ago about how Nestle Corporation believes that the public has no right to clean water and are doing all they can to lock down as much water as they can so that they can bottle it up and make a profit off of it. I also read just today an article about how some of the big banks and billionaires are doing the same thing. They’re buying up all the water and all the land with water on it. They’re locking down water rights like there’s no tomorrow. The government is even doing their part in this wickedness by punishing private citizens from harvesting rain water that falls on their own private property. Some poor guy got locked up for 30 days for the sin of collecting rainwater that fell on HIS property. Alternatively, corporations are okay to go and buy up all the water and land they can get their claws on. A source from Esquire magazine was quoted as saying that water is the oil of the 21st century. The banks and rich folk are hoarding all the water and are using the influence to prevent the little people from getting on their own so that they can bottle and sell it for 10 times the cost when public supplies run out.
This is how the human race responds to a potential crisis? The rich and affluent hoard and scheme in order to ensure they can make money off the need of the people? Call me a crazy optimist, but I’d think this would be a situation where we would all rally and find a way to make sure everyone will have access to clean water. The rich could use their resources to find solutions to this problem. How about all the snow that fell in the east? Why couldn’t we have packed that all up and dropped it on the mountains over here? Just an idea floated by my cousin. Seems overly simple, but why wouldn’t that work? Cooling systems could keep the snow cold and it could be dumped right onto the mountains over here. Like air drops of water when there are fires.
I just don’t understand why the reaction to a potential environmental crisis is to exploit the situation for profit over the welfare of the people. This is a serious problem in this country. The rich have become cold and sociopathic. They don’t care what happens to anyone outside of their own sphere. Many don’t, but when they don’t care, it doesn’t stop there. They take it one step further and actually take actions that could harm the masses. I don’t know what the future of the world looks like to them. If those they consider beneath them are gone, what will they do? There won’t be anyone to work for them and make them money. There won’t be any servants to tend to them. They don’t seem to get that we all need each other. Whether directly or indirectly, our lives are connected so closely, if there was any major shift, we would all feel the pain. There is no immunity. Money offers no protection.
The government should also take note of this. If they align themselves with the rich and entitled, they’re going to learn they backed the wrong horse. What is a nation with no people? What is a politician with no support?
I’m just having some very sobering visions of a future where basic needs become luxuries controlled only by the very rich. It’s happening before our very eyes and no one sees it, or wants to; but you will see it when it happens, but then it’ll be too late. When will the human race finally start learning from its past mistakes? The problem is just starting now. We can fix this one. We just need to be wise enough to see it and strong enough to do what must be done.

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