Everyone else is talking about it, so I might as well throw in. I saw ‘Outbreak’ back in the ’90’s and that was enough to keep me freaked out by this disease to this day. When I heard the Americans afflicted with Ebola were being brought back over here after their diagnosis, the first question in my head was ‘why?’. I hate to sound cold blooded or heartless, but we’re talking about the safety of millions of people. The only way to keep a disease out of one country is to keep anyone, ANYONE, infected out. Couldn’t they have treated the patient over there? Fly doctors over to them. Seems safer to me, but they brought him over and at least it had a happy ending. He recovered. Yay.
Now another case comes to our doorstep and the government insists it can handle the situation and have it under control. Really? I mean, would you trust our government to contain a threat this dire? I wouldn’t trust them to keep me safe from a cold much less a flesh eating disease. A doctor on ABC’s GMA mentioned that quarantining these people in the country in which they contracted the disease wouldn’t work, but how could it not? If the sickness isn’t here, no one can catch it. Simple. Bringing it here is pretty much asking for trouble.
They say they are looking for everyone this person has been in contact with since coming back to Texas, but do you really think the government is competent enough to do this? Are you really willing to put your faith in them? I’m not. Someone will slip through the cracks and that one case will spawn into two. Then three. And on and on until we are screwed on a level we have never been screwed before. I bet if one of the Koch Brothers got it, we’d have a cure within 24 hours, but those two, along with other ‘patriots’ in their tax bracket, will be long gone by the time this reaches epidemic levels.
Why do we not have protections in place? We knew about the existence of this virus decades ago. Where was the research? Where were the safety measures in case it came here? It seems like this outbreak is catching us with our pants down. I have no doubt somewhere someone was studying this, but clearly not enough. I don’t want to induce panic, but when I was younger I heard some people claiming in the future a deadly disease would sweep across this land and wipe out nearly half the population. I chalked it up to crazy predictions, but now I see it beginning to happen and I must say a part of me is scared. We should never have allowed anyone with Ebola back into this country. I do not feel that would have been cruel. It would have been practical. Customs won’t allow you to bring in fruit from another country, but they will allow flesh eating diseases?


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