Need Funders NOW!!!! Again

Hey! Just getting back on the fundraising trail today. We’re so close to our goals it’s crazy! Thanks to any who took the time to check out our campaign (links above and below) and double thanks to those who actually donated, Unfortunately, we need more and if you haven’t done so yet, look at our project and if you feel so inclined, make a contribution. Again, this is not simply giving money away. We are offering excellent perks to all level of donors. If you’ve ever wanted to take part in the production of a movie, now is your chance! Plus, depending on how well this short film goes, we may be going to a feature version and it could become big! I am imploring to you all out there to help. If you can’t contribute, maybe you could forward this link on to someone you know who would be interested. Pass it on and help us make this dream come true. So many people have put so much work into this already. I don’t want it all to be in vain. Please help!

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