Funders Needed NOW!!! pt 2

Okay. Starting to feel the pressure. Our deadline is just days away and we haven’t broken a thousand yet. In case you haven’t checked, I’d like to point out we’re offering a new perk now. A piece of original artwork. It looks really cool too, so if you’re into zombies you have to get onto our Indiegogo campaign and donate.

I really would like to achieve our goal. Not as much for myself but for the crew of people who have been working on this project since this past summer. They have really gotten into this and I know they are as excited about shooting this thing as I am. We’ve already put so much work into it, it would be a shame to fall short after coming so far.

So think about it. For the cost of a DVD, you can actually be part of the movie. You can have actually financed a film and own it. If you donate enough, you could even be IN the movie if you wanted. I implore again, follow the link above or below and check out our project and I hope after you do, you’ll be excited about being a part of it.

Thanks again

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