A New Low

I think Bravo has reached a new low in television. They now have a show called ‘The People’s Couch’ and I had only heard about it at first but today I had the sad misfortune to see a bit of it. Is this what we’re coming to now? A show where we watch other people watching reality television? Where did we go so far wrong?

I watch old shows from the past like ‘Friends’ and ‘Roseanne’ and ‘Fraiser’ and they still make me laugh. What happened? Why can’t we see shows like that anymore? It seems like the networks are telling the production companies to purposely water down their shows for some reason. It’s like they tell them to make bad shows in order to steer people toward reality TV shows. I don’t know. I just get depressed as I see the future of television becoming more bleak as the years go by. The shows are going down in quality and  the audiences are shrinking because of it. There are still talented people out there, but there’s something else holding them back. I have to admit even ‘Hot In Cleveland’ isn’t really all that good, at least not compared to a show like ‘Fraiser’ (which a lot of the production staff had come from before). There are a few genuine laughs and the actresses are highly appealing, but the wit and spark of the previous shows they had worked on is missing. I know they can pull it off, but for some reason it feels like they’re pulling their punches.  As if they are trying not to be too funny.

Remember when shows had theme songs? Remember when they ran the credits so you could actually read them? Maybe I’m just naïve, but I think the glory of the old days can be reclaimed, but we, the viewers, have to start demanding more from them. Don’t settle for another singing/dance competition show. Don’t watch a sitcom unless you really think it’s funny. Send a message that if you all in the biz want to keep pulling down those big paychecks, you’re all going to have to get back to work and earn them. I’m just sick of seeing people getting rewarded for taking the easy route, because clearly, quality suffers after too long.

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