For LA Drivers

This  post is targeted at drivers. Particularly drivers in Los Angeles.

Yesterday I was stuck in a bit of a jam on the freeway. The lane I was in started on the 405 south but emptied out on the 101 north. It’s one lane and it was  backed up and it wasn’t the first time. Traffic on the 101 wasn’t that bad. The reason for the back up? Motorists who seemed to be under the impression that they were more important than anyone else on the planet.  Cars in the next lane were pushing their way into my lane because they didn’t want to wait at the beginning of the line. They felt the basic rule of ‘no cuts’ did not apply to freeway traffic. The reason that lane got so backed up was because the cars shoving their way into the lane forced the cars already in the lane to stop and hold up traffic. Multiply that several times over with an endless number of cars doing the same thing. Does it ever occur to anyone if you just follow the flow of traffic and just wait your damn turn, we’ll all get to where we’re going? It’s not a race. There’s no prize for getting to wherever you’re going first. If you cut into a backed up lane, you’re still going to have to wait. 

This kind of inconsiderate behavior spreads like a virus and infects every part of life. If someone drives like a jerk, odds are they’re a jerk outside the car too. It just seems like it’s a perfect example of what’s wrong with humans. We’re all more concerned with ourselves and where we’re going.  There are times in life when working with the community is the best course of action. I’m not saying you should be totally concerned about everyone in the world all the time, but maybe once in a while you could acknowledge the fact that you aren’t the center of the universe and that you share this world with the rest of us.

I know this won’t fix the problem. If we haven’t figured out a way to make the traffic better here by now, I don’t think we ever will. Maybe though, someone out there will change their driving habits and be one of those out there who actually makes things easier in their own way.

Let’s hope.