Pet Peeves 1

Having done my time in the single scene in the past, I have a few irksome issues to vent  off about.

First, I hate profiles that require anyone who responds to ‘take care of their body’. It annoys me because it feels like a mean slam at those of us who aren’t gifted physically. Just because I don’t have six pack abs or pecs of steel doesn’t mean I don’t take care of myself. I exercise. I eat a balanced diet. Some people have body types and other issues that hinder their quest for a more ripped appearance. in my case, my body type holds onto fat and makes it difficult to lose it even with proper exercise and diet. Oh, to be a Mesomorph for a day.

I’m also quite fed up with gay men trying to turn Friends With Benefits into a relationship distinction. FWB is not a relationship status. It’s just a phrase used by men to validate sleeping around but at the same time keeping them out of the relationship sphere. You like the guy. You want to sleep with him, but you’re not totally sure you want to wake up to his face for the rest of your life. Throw FWB onto it and have a ball, right? I’m sorry. If you want to screw around like a frat boy, fine but don’t hang a cut name onto it and act like it’s a  new way of life. I mean, what’s the point of a relationship if you can’t value it? Leaving that door open to come in and out as you please minimizes the relationship and both parties are doomed to feel unsatisfied and eventually part ways.  I’m all for living and experiencing all you can, but at some point we want something more. At least most of us do. For me, I want someone to grow old with. Here’s a sobering thought. When you’re at Target or some other store, look around at the old couples wandering the aisles. Then realize that someday that’s going to be you. I promise. That is where all roads lead. As exciting and thrilling as your life may be now, at some point you’re going to  be one of those rumpled old folks pushing a cart down t he grocery aisle at Wal-Mart looking for the item you have a coupon for. You can’t stop it. It’s going to happen. I’d rather have someone with me at that stage of my life.

2 thoughts on “Pet Peeves 1

  1. No kidding about the comments to “take care of your body”. There was one time, when a guy whom I didn’t know that well, and hadn’t seen around in a few years, had said to me, “Oh, you look good! You know, how some people just ‘let themselves go’ “? At that moment, I just thought, wow. What if I had gained weight and was the unbearably fatter person, whom he seems to detest. I’ve been through that experiences many a-times, where I had gotten treated better because I had lost weight. And then worse, because I had gained weight – and wore boring too-comfy clothes. It was awful, those experiences. But a powerful lesson for me to be more careful myself, on how I treat others about how they look. I concur with your peeve!

    • Haha yeah everyone says “Wow you’re so skinny if you lose weight, suggesting that the person was fat before. Also, I hate it when adults say to kids “Look how big you’ve grown!”. The last time someone said that to me, I wanted to say it right back if you know what I mean.

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